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Intermap Orion Platform

Intermap has created the Orion Platform, the industry’s first software-driven spatial data platform that provides products, services, and solutions that help business and governments solve their geospatial challenges. As governments increase their usage of data, the Orion Platform provides the capability to manage a country’s entire spatial data infrastructure program from one unified interface.
The challenge has been that geospatial technology is prohibitively expensive and out of reach for most countries. The Intermap Orion Platform provides an integrated stage upon which customized and scalable geospatial solutions are delivered. More importantly, this integrated approach to solutions enables customers to choose the products and services that are right for them.

How is the Orion Platform unique?

  • Instant delivery of 3DBI® applications with NEXTMap® World 30 data anywhere in the world.
  • Works with every type of geospatial data and converts it into a common format.
  • Presents different types of data in a consistent and easily managed manner.
  • Provides a common programming interface so that existing GIS software applications have a standard approach to access and manipulate data to quickly derive the necessary answers.

The Intermap Orion Platform has the following integrated layers:
  1. Geospatial Services: We offer a comprehensive suite of Geospatial Auditing, Consulting, and Data Acquisition Services to meet your needs.
  2. Foundation Data: Consider the power of immediate access to the world’s most comprehensive 3D elevation information and you’ll understand why we call this our Foundation Data layer.
  3. Data Fusion Services: We are a leader in the aggregation of structured and non-structured information from multiple sources into a unified solution.
  4. 3D Business Intelligence: As a leading provider of location-based information solutions, Intermap has developed Web-based applications that transform the way governments and enterprises leverage geospatial data.
  5. Delivery Services: Intermap offers an array of delivery systems for your solution.

3DBI® Samples

See for yourself how our 3D business intelligence solutions are helping users make better terrain-based decisions.

"Orion has been two years in the making and represents the sum of Intermap's strategic plans driven by the convergence of our proprietary data fusion techniques, web-based applications, and rising government mandates for on-demand analytics."

—Todd Oseth, Intermap president and CEO 


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