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In today’s global economy, it is estimated that 80% of data used by governments, ministries, and commercial organizations contains a location-based component or spatial reference. The goal of maintaining geospatial data across organizations so it is discoverable and accessible requires implementing a management system to efficiently perform these tasks. Numerous data formats, spatial reference systems, and geographical coordinate systems compound the complexity of geospatial data management.

Intermap’s unique geospatial audit service was born from the need to ensure an organization’s spatial data is complete, discoverable, accurate, up-to-date, and accessible by all agencies, departments, staff, and applications.

Major benefits of utilizing Intermap’s geospatial audit service include:

  • Identifying and centralizing data for easy access to location-based answers.
  • Keeping data current, sharing files, and collaborating between multiple locations, agencies, and departments.
  • The ability to update and find specific files without moving or duplicating data.
  • Accessing, discovering, and searching for geospatial data in an efficient manner.
  • Realizing that data management systems save time and money.

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Geospatial Audit Use Case

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