Maximize Your Outdoor Advertising ROI

AdPro® minimizes time spent selecting, managing, and presenting campaigns.

How do you select the best out-of-home advertising locations and media types for your clients? How long does it take? How many tools do you use? Choosing the right media location can dramatically improve results, land more clients, and provide the competitive edge you need to thrive in the advertising business.

AdPro is revolutionizing the out-of-home advertising industry with an easy-to-use online software solution that minimizes the time your team spends selecting, managing, and presenting campaigns. By using Intermap's proprietary NEXTMap® digital surface model, AdPro enables advertising agencies to make the most of their time and money. AdPro also integrates with Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB)* ratings for reach, frequency, and impression data of over 330,000 locations.

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Location, Location, Location

The more you know about the location of a billboard — such as nearby traffic flow, surrounding businesses, and potential obstructed views from trees, buildings, or other interference — the better you can decide which media type and location will be most effective for your client's advertising campaign.

This information has traditionally been either unavailable, too costly, or very time consuming to obtain, and reliant on many different sources of questionable reliability. But not anymore. 

Key features and benefits of AdPro:

  • Mapping. Mapping software has become a critical tool in the selection of outdoor media locations. Leveraging Intermap’s proprietary NEXTMap 3D city model and Google street view, AdPro helps you quickly select, analyze, map, and present out-of-home advertising campaigns.
  • Exposure. An out-of-home media location will have little impact if buildings and trees obscure the target audience’s line of sight. AdPro leverages elevation data along with traffic speed and congestion data from INRIX to help you better understand the exposure — and therefore influence — of a particular advertisement. 
  • Custom icons. Custom icons provide the means and opportunity to map multiple out-of-home vendors and media platforms on one map, enabling quick identification in selecting out-of-home locations for campaigns.
  • Points of interest. Quickly utilize the AdPro proximity tool within your campaign to demonstrate where select media locations are in relation to points of interest such as a church, school, or retail store.
  • TAB ratings. Enjoy access* to TAB ratings and audience data from within AdPro, empowering you to directly measure your campaign performance against industry-standard metrics. TAB ratings include reach, frequency, and impression data for over 330,000 out-of-home locations.

*TAB is the official ratings provider for out-of-home advertising. TAB access within AdPro requires an existing TAB account and additional credentials. Extra TAB charges may apply.
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