It Takes A Village To Raise A Child - DEM Applications In Community Planning

Posted by Larry Malloy on Jun 30, 2016 7:00:00 AM

An old African proverb says – “It takes a village to raise a child” meaning the community and family are intimately tied together. Because of this, many community leaders have switched to a values-based planning process with strong community input. In this article, we want to discuss how data and technology are enhancing this critical interaction between family and the community. Technology is making it easier than ever for community leaders to tell the story of how a community will evolve and grow over time.

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Topics: GIS, Location-Based Intelligence, Natural Catastrophe, Digital Elevation Models, DEM

Digital Elevation Models: Emergency Planning

Posted by Larry Malloy on Jun 7, 2016 7:00:00 AM

Contemporary history has seen an ever increasing incidence in natural disasters worldwide. In just about every place on Earth, humans are impacted by natural disasters at some point in their lives. Over a recent 20 year period, more than 8,500 natural disasters occurred, affecting more than 2.6 billion people.

As an example, Peru faces a wide variety of weather and geophysical related natural disasters including flooding, landslides, and earthquakes. In fact, Peru has seen some of the worst natural catastrophes in the western hemisphere in recent history. When the Urubamba River flooded in January 2010, the river undermined 18 miles of the only railway line to Machu Picchu, stranding 3,900 tourists and placing 15,000 people in the tourism business out of work for several months.

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Topics: Location-Based Intelligence, Digital Elevation Models, Geospatial Software, Perils

The Spatialist: Not just another geospatial blog

Posted by Larry Malloy on May 31, 2016 9:00:00 AM

There has been a lot of changes in the geospatial industry over the last 5 years or so. This includes new technologies, the advancement and acceptance of analytic software that makes elevation data more practical and valuable to a broader group of people, improvements to digital elevation models (DEM) processing software, and the acceptance of location-based intelligence software. One of the most exciting trends is the view by national and international leadership that a geospatial infrastructure is key to achieving national and even global priorities. In the past, geospatial data was always collected on a project-by-project basis. Only recently has it been looked at from a strategic perspective.

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Topics: Location-Based Intelligence, Digital Elevation Models, Geospatial Software

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