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Flexible, High-Volume Imagery Collection

X-band interferometric synthetic aperture radar (IFSAR) penetrates clouds, smoke, and haze to produce sharp, highly-detailed images – giving Intermap the ability to map anywhere in the world, day or night, regardless of weather or cloud-cover. Our proprietary X-band IFSAR technology is available either through our comprehensive NEXTMap® suite of products or via cost-effective custom collection if you require resolution better than satellites can provide.

Through controlled processes across the entire life cycle of X-band IFSAR collection, Intermap carefully manages data acquisition, data processing and editing, and delivery. All imagery is painstakingly reviewed and edited by the world’s greatest image processor: human eyes!

X-band IFSAR high-resolution product suite


Digital Surface Model (DSM)
1m posted elevation data with surface features



Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
1m posted elevation data of bare earth

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Orthorectified Radar Imagery (ORI)
up to 25cm cloud-free


What’s Included with X-Band IFSAR 

  • Up-to-date data currency (custom acquisition date)
  • Defined and predicable acquisition schedule
  • High-resolution 25cm cloud-free radar imagery
  • High-resolution 1m Digital Surface Model
  • High-resolution 1m Digital Terrain Model
  • Better than 1m LE90 absolute vertical accuracy
  • Enhanced spatial content
  • DSM / DTM stereo editing and finishing
  • Local geoid and projection
  • Perpetual licensing of data
  • Hydro enforcement & water flattening
  • Elimination of seam lines, voids, interpolation or other errors
  • Fusion of client data sets (vectors & raster)
  • Custom data derivatives
  • Custom feature extraction

Flying Higher and Faster for a Lower Acquisition Cost

Operating at altitudes of up to 30,000 feet and looking in both directions simultaneously, Intermap’s  fully autonomous airborne radar imaging system can collect over 7,000 km2 per hour – making imagery collection and change detection much more affordable.


X-band IFSAR data samples