LP-TYP-Icons-data_(1)Value of More Accurate Data

“We use Intermap’s data during the preliminary study of potential projects and find it to be extremely valuable. There’s real value in being able to make the right decision the first time, and Intermap’s data has helped us achieve this goal. The data’s positional accuracy and detail were very impressive."

- San Luis Obispo, California

“We compared Intermap’s data to our old resources and saw a much more precise option with many more details and anomalies are no longer present.”

- E-Plus Group

“We received a better product that was less expensive. Intermap’s datasets have 10 times more quality and accuracy than the U.S. Geological Survey data we used in the past.”

- Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

“The NEXTMap digital terrain models allowed us to create a wonderful three-dimensional landscape that has made the history of the Walton Basin come to life. The high level of detail makes it possible to pick out particular landscape artifacts and we can easily dispense with detail when we need to paint the broader picture.”

- Randorshire Museum, Powys County, U.K.


LP-TYP-Icons-globe-with-pinReduce Project Expenses

“Now that we have Intermap’s current and cost-effective datasets, we’ve been able to reduce the expense of a typical $10,000 to $15,000 flood study by one-third. We couldn’t turn out the quality flood studies that we have today without Intermap’s enhanced and accurate data.”

- Cornerstone Engineering

“During our decision-making process, we estimated the purchase and use of Intermap’s data would save Kern County four or five times what the data actually cost.” The data is expected to “save the public up to $3 million over the next ten years due to the impact of flood studies on insurance rates.”

- Kern County, California

“With Intermap’s Network Planner, we identified more than 1,500 potential cell tower sites, from which 293 sites were selected in less than two months, thereby reducing the need for physical site surveys by 70–80%.”

- Telekom Deutschland Mobile Project, Ericsson Network Services


LP-TYP-Icons-clock-with-gearsSave Time and Reduce Project Delays

“I was very excited to learn Intermap datasets would help us work more efficiently on this project. We can check the system much faster with a computer ourselves to help us design the best, most reliable network.”

- State Police of Lower Saxony, Germany

“Intermap’s GIS products helped us stay safe... when we entered remote areas by truck, horse, or on foot, we always knew where we were and used Intermap’s imagery to enhance our surveying efforts... we were able to interpret remotely sensed geologic information in the field and reduce project delays by six months because we had Intermap’s data.”

- Marathon Oil Corporation


LP-TYP-Icons-monitor-with-path-pngEnable Customers to Make a Valuable Impact

"We’re decreasing the potential loss of lives, property, and structures, as well as the impact on future development, by the thousands. Kings County sees true, high-dollar value in Intermap’s data.”

- Kings County, California

“This enhanced information will help us set aside 153,000 acres as open space and wildlife habitat in western Riverside County… Without Intermap’s data, we wouldn’t have the kind of information we need to positively impact the quality of life for those who live in Riverside County.”

- Riverside County, California


LP-TYP-Icons-location-based-riskHigh-Quality Customer Service

"Intermap’s customer service is excellent. From the management team and legal counsel to the technical crew and sales team, Intermap has an open-door policy no matter what the issue. We really appreciate how attentive and helpful they are.”

- San Luis Obispo County, California

“We found no abnormalities in the data. Everything was straightforward and easy to use. When we needed customized details on a precision-bounded area, Intermap gave us what we required and only charged us for the information that we requested.”

- URS Corporation and the California High-speed Rail Authority