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In a world of ever-changing technology, Intermap is driven to deliver geospatial services to our clients.

Data delivered on-demand

Intermap can provide data services that leverage imagery and digital elevation models to create value-added solutions anywhere in the world.  Our data services provide you with the opportunity to get your business the information it needs.

Data services solution tailored to your application

Data Fusion 2x1Data Fusion                                                                                                                                            Intermap’s fusion services bring multiple elevation datasets, of differing resolutions and specifications, together into one homogeneous data specification. 


Custom DTM - 2x1Custom DTM Creation                                                                                                                        Intermap’s custom DTM service creates seamless Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) from LAS formatted point cloud data or any other sensor technology.


Orthorectification 2x1 Orthorectification                                                                                                                       Intermap’s Orthorectification service geometrically corrects distortions in any remotely sensed   imagery that are caused by terrain relief displacement, sensor system errors, viewing   perspective, and atmosphere refraction.


Feature Extraction 2x1

Feature Extraction                                                                                                                          Features extracted from satellite or airborne imagery are in high demand for a growing range of applications that includes hydrology, forest inventory mapping, urban infrastructure modeling, change detection, road mapping and many others.

Data Fusion
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Feature Extraction

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