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NEXTMap® Global Solutions

Data and Analytics

Delivering Geospatial Data, Analytics, and Solutions

NEXTMap Global Solutions provide quick access to our NEXTMap data products, services, and online applications. Access our DSM and DTM datasets through our servers using API calls, web browsers, desktop software, and partner applications. Our OGC-compliant data services allow you to find solutions using our continually updated, globally available datasets.

Point-to-point Link Profile

Point-to-point link profile using our link profile analytic application

Global Elevation Data and Derivatives

Continually Updated. Our “living DEM” provides access to the most up-to-date elevation data across the globe

Elevation Analysis-as-a-Service. Variety of ways to access our easy-to-use tools give everyone the ability to perform elevation analysis

Cloud-Based Data. Fast, secure access our data and analytics via the cloud

Accessible Across the Globe. Our globally available data and analytics can be accessed through GIS software and API calls for a variety of applications

Custom Integration. API and SDKs available for app and software development

Quick, Easy Access to Data and Analytics

NEXTMap Global Solutions use the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards for geospatial data and services, GIS data processing, and data sharing. Access our digital elevation models, visualization and vector layer data, and analytics through web applications, desktop software, and partner applications.