Transforming Raw Data into Useful Information
DEM Fusion – LiDAR DSM data (lower portion of image) is vertically aligned and blended seamlessly with an IFSAR DSM (upper portion of image) into a single product.

Data Production

Acquiring data is only the first step. Turning it into something useful is what Intermap specializes in.

  • Data Fusion. Intermap brings multiple datasets, of differing resolutions and specifications, together in one homogenous layer – effectively managing resources by providing high-resolution data in high-value areas such as cities, corridors and critical flood plains, while providing wider area coverage from medium- or lower-resolution sources. Learn more.
  • Orthorectification. Intermap’s fully automated orthorectification processes allow us to offer the best accuracy on the market – CE90 < 1m in many areas – at the lowest price. This accelerated cloud technology makes analysis-ready data affordable and available anywhere on Earth. Learn more.
  • Feature Extraction. High quality radar is a preferred choice for feature extraction, and Intermap boasts one of the most accurate and highest-resolution commercial radar imaging systems available. With high resolution imagery and spatial accuracies, Intermap can extract analytics-quality features at a fraction of the cost of the leading providers of optical satellite imagery – and even identify features hidden under forest canopies.
    Learn more.

Data Finishing

How “finished” is your elevation data? If you’re not careful, it can contain numerous errors, outliers or blunders.

From hydro enforcement and blunder removal, to full classification and comprehensive bare Earth modeling, Intermap’s data finishing processes ensure the data you receive is fit for use.

  • Sensor agnostic editing systems provide solutions regardless of the input source
  • Large scale edits leverage a combination of artificial intelligence and an experienced editing team
  • Proven capability with over 15 million km2 of bare earth elevation data produced in over 50 countries
  • Cost effective through automation and refined proven processes


DSM shows all surface features including buildings, bridges and trees. We can create a DTM by removing the surface features in a DSM, resulting in just the terrain of the earth visible.


Intermap keeps costs low and consistency high through a unique combination of artificial intelligence and skilled geospatial analysts.

  • Powerful automation engine that scales to petabytes of data over a distributed computing environment
  • Configurable workflows in a standardized environment save thousands of hours in man time
  • Proven experience with over 20 petabytes of data and hundreds of millions of square kilometers
  • Artificial intelligence provides complex analysis and consistent prediction of data and outcomes