Elevation data can contain numerous blunders and may not conform to required specifications. Alternatively, for use cases such as flood mapping a secondary product such as a bare earth elevation model with trees, buildings, and other features removed may be required.

Whatever the edits required, Intermap has you covered with its Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems and high-performance editing team ready to put the finishing touches on your data. From hydro enforcement and blunder removal to full classification and comprehensive bare earth modeling, Intermap’s data finishing processes can prepare your data for its ultimate use case.

Key features and benefits:

  • Sensor Agnostic editing systems that can provide solutions regardless of the input source
  • Large Scale Edits leveraging a combination of artificial intelligence and a proven skilled editing team
  • Proven Capability with over 15 million km2 of bare earth elevation data produced
  • Cost Effective through automation and refined proven processes

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Data finishing -1

Custom DTM Editing from Elevation Data
Feature removal for bare earth modeling

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Grab the sliding bar in the image below and move left or right to view Custom DTM editing with the full feature DSM and bare earth DTM

Data finishing 1
Data finishing 2

Custom DTM editing with the full feature DSM (left) and bare earth DTM (right)

Countless applications 

Intermap’s Data Finishing services have successfully completed hundreds of projects in over 50 countries including:

  • Blunder removal
  • Hydro enforcement
  • Bare earth editing
  • Classification
  • 3D editing