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Unlock the Potential of Your Data with Advanced Data Production

Acquiring data is only the first step. Elevation data may be incomplete or be discontinuous with existing collections. Imagery needs to be orthorectified in order to allow the features to have correct spatial positioning. Raster datasets may be insufficient if your final deliverables are built on identified and attributed vector features. Your data may look more like an intermediate step than a complete, consistent base layer your end use case requires.

Transform the data you have into the data you need 

Intermap provides an array of production services aimed to augment the information contained in a dataset and facilitate the use of the data for downstream applications.  From unifying disparate elevation data sources into a seamless base layer, to streamlined orthorectification services and automatic feature extraction, Intermap’s Advanced Data Production enhances datasets from raw to solution-ready.


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Data Fusion

Unify multiple sources into a seamless elevation layer

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Ensure your imagery has high precision

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Feature Extraction

Draw out the information hidden in your datasets

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Data Fusion allows for the seamless combination of multiple elevation datasets of varying resolutions and accuracies. Existing disparate datasets can be merged together to create a single unified dataset, while tilts and biases can be removed by aligning high resolution but poorly controlled data to Intermap’s suite of highly accurate global base layers. New acquisitions can be planned to target high value areas with expensive high resolutions sensors while the rest of the project area can be covered by a more affordable option, saving the budget while preserving the accuracy where it is needed most. Across its wide array of use cases DEM fusion consistently allows users to get the most out of their elevation data.

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Orthorectification geometrically corrects distortions in imagery caused by terrain relief displacement, sensor system errors, viewing perspective, and atmospheric refraction. This allows users to obtain maximum benefit from their high resolution imagery regardless of the type of sensor used. Intermap’s processing leverages highly accurate, homogenous NEXTMap® base elevation layers, a foundational component in effective orthorectification.



Feature Extraction enables a number of growing applications by pulling out the information the applications need from the data layers available. A combination of automation and Intermap’s dedicated team of high-performance editors provide efficient feature extraction for a variety of use cases including hydrology, forest inventory mapping, urban infrastructure modeling, change detection, and road mapping.

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