Powerful Applications with Proven Results

Global Value-Added Data Products

Intermap offers off-the-shelf products and product workflows that empower our customers to focus on end requirements and optimization rather than data and feature creation.


Our globally available value-added data products and services leverage our seamless NEXTMap® elevation database together with proprietary software and fusion technologies. We keep costs low and consistency high through a unique combination of artificial intelligence and skilled geospatial analysts.

      • Powerful automation engine that scales to petabytes of data over a distributed computing environment
      • Configurable workflows in a standardized environment save thousands of hours in man time
      • Proven experience with over 20 petabytes of data and hundreds of millions of square kilometers
      • Artificial intelligence provides complex analysis and consistent prediction of data and outcomes


Insurance Image

Analytic applications and data for understanding insurance risk

InsitePro® is a cloud-based software solution that brings together all the necessary data and analytics for underwriting natural catastrophe risk – anywhere in the world.

Aquarius RMA is a flexible, modular insurance risk application to evaluate insurance risk across Europe.