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May. 31, 2016

Location-based intelligenceThere has been a lot of changes in the geospatial industry over the last 5 years or so. This includes new technologies, the advancement and acceptance of analytic software that makes elevation data more practical and valuable to a broader group of people, improvements to digital elevation models (DEM) processing software, and the acceptance of location-based intelligence software. One of the most exciting trends is the view by national and international leadership that a geospatial infrastructure is key to achieving national and even global priorities. In the past, geospatial data was always collected on a project-by-project basis. Only recently has it been looked at from a strategic perspective.

This blog is designed to help you better understand the role of location-based intelligence for government and commercial enterprises. It will include content on the latest geospatial technologies, interviews with industry thought leaders, and content on DEMs and their many applications. It will also keep you up to date on the latest trends that are thrusting the industry into the future. Stay tuned for weekly articles that will have you known as the “Spatialist” in your agency or organization.

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