Your Problem is Not Your Problem!

Jul. 7, 2016

As a GIS technician or engineer, when you go through your day, it’s natural to run into problems. Some may present themselves as time wasted managing data requests, or the need for new or updated data. But as you go through your day, one thing you can count on is - you will have problems.AdPro_BlogPosr_TargetMarket.jpg

In this article I would like you to consider the fact that…what you think is your problem is not your problem. Behind every obstacle is usually an underlying bigger issue that when addressed can lead to solutions and reduced problems. Therefore, what you think is your problem (like needing new data quickly) should not be your focus. The real issue may be that you need to audit your elevation data and fill gaps in your data before the need arises.

A problem may be a symptom of a much bigger issue, that when addressed, will reduce or eliminate it in the future. The goal is to get to solutions rather than repeating the same mistakes over and over again. A good strategy is to ask “why” five times. This helps reveal a cause and effect relationship. This technique was developed as part of the Toyota production system and has been used in many industries to solve issues.

So, the next time you find yourself faced with a problem, ask yourself…”Is there a deeper issue that I can address which will make it go away?” Share your thoughts and comments below.

Geospatial Audit Use Case

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