about us

We’re engineers, data scientists … and map nerds. Our desire to help you understand and make sense of the world around you led us to create a company that produces reliable, accurate datasets and decision-making tools for customers in the insurance, aviation, telecommunications, and government markets.

In the world of business and technology, everyone's always looking toward the future; how to grow, adapt, and innovate. Planning for the world of tomorrow means understanding the world today, but what does that look like?

The better question is: what does our world look like? And to that end, we have the answers.

Articles featured on this site explore and highlight the importance of geomatics, and its role across different industries. Here, we cover topics related to the following:

Elevation Data: Digital Terrain Models, Digital Surface Models, Surveying & Collection

Flight Operations: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Terrain Data, Flight Planning & Safety

Network Planning: Link Profiling, Viewsheds, Coverage & Geodata

Satellite Imagery Correction: Resolution, Accuracy & Data Collection


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