InsitePro® for North America, Aquarius RMA for Europe

Measure Flood and Wildfire Risk to Make Informed Underwriting Decisions

InsitePro Delivers Analytics Tailored to Your Underwriting

InsitePro is a cloud-based software solution that brings together all the necessary data and analytics for underwriting natural catastrophe risk – anywhere in the world.
Flood Risk Map and Corelogic Flood
  • InsitePro starts with the best elevation data available, including proprietary high-resolution, bare-earth elevations 
  • Risk scoring enables users to combine information from flood zones with data from a wide variety of sources, revealing a more complete view of risk and reducing uncertainty
  • Single-point and portfolio analytics enable users to assess properties as they come in for quoting, or to evaluate a portfolio of properties quickly and easily
  • Web-based application ensures users can access the software through their browser anywhere 
  • Web Service availability enables seamless integration with any underwriting or business management platform

Intermap Has You Covered Coast-to-Coast

Both Flood and Fire Models Leverage Proprietary Datasets – Going Far Beyond Public Models

Better Analytics for Flood Insurance

It’s not enough to simply know where the flood zone is. 

Detailed elevation and terrain knowledge provides critical insight into which properties will sustain damage … and which will not. Recognizing the difference gives underwriters the ability to expand portfolios and reduce risk exposure.

Our interactive elevation tool enables terrain profiling that clearly shows the shape of the ground at a specific location, indicating how and where water will flow – and which areas will flood first.

Natural Catastrophe Risk Management and FEMA FIRM Maps
Wildfire Analytics and InsitePro

Behavior Modeling for Wildfire Prediction

Wildfire behavior is a lot less random than many people think. We know. That’s why Intermap has partnered with AnchorPoint to incorporate their National Hazard and Risk Model (No-HARM) into InsitePro.

This model incorporates knowledge of the physical terrain (slope, aspect, elevation) with specific fuel types and climatological information to predict potential fire behavior, including fireline intensity.

With InsitePro, underwriters can assess wildfire risk with a consistent nationwide hazard dataset that expresses the probability and negative effects of wildfire from regional to building-level scales.

Evaluate Insurance Risk Across Europe

Aquarius RMA is a flexible, modular insurance risk application. It enables visualization through maps, analysis and aggregation of data in a custom portfolio, creation of statistics and choropleth maps, and calculation of the accumulation of properties. It can also be integrated through internal web services with other applications and systems such as a policy management system, underwriting system, data warehouse, claim management system, and other insurance applications.

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