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NEXTView® Aviation

Improve Safety and Efficiency with the Only Certified Terrain Data

Unprecedented Situational Awareness for Flight Operations

In partnership with Lufthansa Systems, Lido Surface Data NEXTView incorporates the world’s first and only certified global aviation surface data into an integrated system for unprecedented situational awareness in the cockpit, UTM systems, and other aviation applications.

Intermap Reaches New Milestone in UAS Market with Wingcopter Subscription

Intermap has entered into a strategic agreement with Wingcopter GmbH, a manufacturer of aviation-grade drone technology and service provider for a wide range of drone deployments. This agreement reflects increased demand for NEXTView®, the world’s only government-certified, aviation-specific 3D elevation dataset. NEXTView enables UAS operators to improve flight routes and operational networks, creating a safer environment for UAVs and providing unprecedented situational awareness for commercial fleets. Wingcopter operates around the world, providing delivery, mapping, surveying, inspection and monitoring.
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Fly Safely. Fly Efficiently. Fly Confidently.

NEXTView featuring NEXTMap® Elevation Data
See the Difference. This visualization of the Munich airport shows the difference NEXTMap elevation makes. NEXTView’s precision surface detail enhances the pilot experience, while the top simulation using data from the ASTOR (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer) satellite – one of the most common terrain data sources – is unusable for aerodrome operations.

World’s First Global Aviation Surface Data

  • Worldwide Coverage. Visualize 100% of the Earth’s 150 million square kilometers.
  • Detailed Surface Data. Seamless 6-meter digital surface modeling of the Earth.
  • EASA Certified. Fully certified to relevant industry standards and regulation for integration with flight safety systems.
  • High Vertical Accuracy. Incredible 3-meter vertical accuracy that meets ICAO Annex 15 specifications.
  • Detailed Obstacles. Plan safely and confidently with over one million included obstacles around the globe.
  • Aerodromes. Includes detailed modeling of aerodromes and runways.

Designed for Aviation Applications

Aviation applications require reliable, up-to-date data where safety is paramount. Lido Surface Data NEXTView is specifically designed for aviation applications and systems.

  • Avionics systems, synthetic vision systems (SVS), and Combined Vision Systems (CVS)
  • Terrain awareness and ground proximity warning systems (TAWS, EGPWS)
  • Flight planning, procedure design, and performance calculation
  • Charting, maps, navigation, and simulation
  • Emergency landing site location evaluation, drift-down procedure calculation
  • Drone operations, drone planning
Flight Simulator and Aviation Data
San Francisco buildings

Optimize UAV Operations

Flight Planning. Use high-accuracy terrain information in urban and rural environments to identify new bases, distribution centers, strategic positions, obstructions and vantage points

Flight Safety. Minimize risk of collision with high-precision locations of billions of obstructions worldwide, including buildings, vegetation and terrain features

Flight Efficiency. Reduce the “uncertainty envelope” on flight paths. Determine and select optimal routes, minimize elevation gains and increase payload weight

Sensor Integration. Highly suitable for real-time sensor integration for full situational awareness. NEXTView data provides strategic overview and onboard sensors provide real-time tactical overview

See the Difference

NEXTView elevation data dramatically reveal buildings, terrain and other obstructions that are missing in other datasets

Costa Rica - SRTM
Costa Rica - NEXTView

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Post Spacing
Vertical Accuracy
3m LE90
Vertical Resolution
Horizontal Accuracy
5m CE90
Confidence Level
Airport Data
Over 12,000 airports
Maintenance Period
EASA Service Provider Type 1 Certification
RTCA DO-200B: Standards for processing aeronautical data
RTCA DO-276C: User requirements for terrain and obstacle data
RTCA DO-291C: Interchange standards for terrain, obstacle, and aerodrome mapping data