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Your business needs immediate answers to critical questions

NEXTMap Global Analytics are here

Answers to business and industry questions are available around the entire globe with NEXTMap Global Analytics.   Our analytic service includes powerful terrain and imagery tools that can be accessed through the web.

The entire globe, without the fuss

No need to pay for complicated data management, processing, acquisition, or analysis costs.  Intermap’s analytics provide direct access to the information you need from a database of over 500 million km2 hosted in our secure cloud architecture.

Cost effective, low total cost of ownership

NEXTMap Analytics are designed from the ground up to provide the highest value service on a global scale for a fraction of the cost of acquiring, owning, or accessing raw data.



Information at specific points

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Cross section view of the terrain

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Create area of visibility maps

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Calculate cut and fill

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Simulate water direction

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Determine optimal travel route

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Accurate image orthorectification

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Need a custom analytic?

Looking for a particular analytic or need something customized for your business?  We can help.  Intermap excels at providing data management through its massive data production infrastructure.  Our team can create custom layers, collect new data, or format, edit, and process information needed for your business.  Ask the experts and contact us for more information.

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Featured Case Study
San Luis Obispo County
Using elevation data from Intermap's NEXTMap USA – California datasets, the county of San Luis Obispo, California was able to safely and efficiently plan for an influx of new residents.
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Case Study: San Luis Obispo
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