Founded in 1997, Intermap Technologies® is a global company that serves a diverse geospatial marketplace. We provide highly accurate elevation information to help commercial enterprises and government agencies make better location-based decisions.

Our high-resolution NEXTMap® database provides seamless, wide-area digital elevation data and images to support industries including energy, engineering, government, risk management, telecommunications, water resource management, and automotive. We also provide comprehensive geospatial services, from custom 3D mapping services and data fusion to Web-based software applications that produce simple location-based answers. These products and services enable our customers to build a wide range of innovative geospatial solutions.

Our goal is to become the go-to company for all types of elevation data and associated information. We are the industry leader in processing geospatial data and have decades of experience integrating data derived from a number of different sensor technologies. We will aggregate the best-available intelligence from third parties into our NEXTMap database and then disseminate it through low-cost, web-based applications to provide affordable access to a broader reach of customers.

Intermap Technologies operates from offices in Denver, Calgary, Prague, and Jakarta. Intermap stock is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol IMP.

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Stock Listing:
Toronto Stock Exchange
Listing Date: February 25, 1997
Ticker Symbol: IMP