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Intermap Wins Prime Contract with the U.S. Air Force to Support Navigation Solutions for GPS-Denied Environments

Intermap leverages unique commercial capabilities and experience to help the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) in its development of navigation solutions for GPS-denied environments. Under this new prime contract, Intermap will work with AFRL to advance the next generation of navigation systems and provide relevant data, operational experience, applied technology, low-latency collection and processing capabilities, engineering and scientific support.

Military operations require precise positioning, navigation and timing (PNT). The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) is exploring different approaches for absolute positioning and navigation in challenging environments to enable their multidomain operations. AFRL leads the discovery, development and integration of affordable warfighting technologies for air, space and cyberspace forces.

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What Is Remote Sensing?

Remote sensing is the science of acquiring information about the Earth's surface without being in contact with it. This is done by sensing and recording reflected or emitted energy and processing, analyzing, and applying that information. Learn more about remote sensing in a tutorial we created for Natural Resources Canada.

Global Geospatial Solutions

We make it easy to get valuable insights from geospatial data. Our 3D foundation data is integrated into our end-to-end geospatial solutions for government and commercial customers. From proprietary sensors and airborne platforms to patented algorithms and powerful analytics, we tailor our high-accuracy solutions for your needs.