InsitePro Flood Risk Assessment

Flood Risk Assessment

Using analytics that are made for point-by-point risk assessment can increase profitability

InsitePro is a solution for underwriters to assess address-level flood risk using unique datasets, their own datasets, and configurable risk scoring. Instead of using accumulation software, and their underwriting function, use analytics that are specifically built to assess point-by-point flood risk.

Risk Scoring for Flood Risk Assessment

Benefits of Risk Scoring

Property insurers (as well as brokers and reinsurers) depend on natural catastrophe models, maps, building plans, and industrial machinery profiles, along with their own claims and policy data. An important key to unlocking the full richness of datasets is risk scoring — an analytic that tries to replicate, as much as possible, the thought process of an experienced mind that is served with rich datasets. Click here to learn about the four major benefits of risk scoring.

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