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Risk Scoring in InsitePro™

Natural catastrophe models all contain an element of uncertainty, and for a property insurance underwriter, uncertainty is expensive. Risk scoring offers a way to decrease this uncertainty at a specific location. Through its four major benefits, risk scoring provides a more complete view of location-based risk than a simple flood or earthquake zone assessment is capable of providing. 

Risk Scoring can perform a range of tasks, such as:

  • Selection: deciding which properties to underwrite based on quantified risk
  • Pricing: determining relative risk, enabling more accurate pricing
  • Flood model validation: using terrain features to confirm the accuracy of flood zones
  • Multi-peril analysis: developing a combined view of risk for a location



InsitePro allows users to combine flood and other perils, as well as Intermap’s proprietary terrain and partner-supplied data, with their own information — such as claims history and accumulation — to deliver location-specific scores that are based on the best information available, and calibrated to a unique view of risk. Learn more about how risk scoring works.

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