Creating a DEM

Leverage our DEM Creation Services to provide your organization with consistent, high-quality, and accurate answers for your geospatial needs

Many government agencies and commercial enterprises end up with large numbers of disparate digital elevation models (DEMs) — from multiple sources and of varying currency — that are next to impossible to use together. In other cases, agencies may have newly acquired satellite imagery but need a DEM that matches.

Often, these datasets get relegated to the archive – unusable and ineffective.

Intermap’s unique DEM Creation Service was born from the need to ensure an organization’s spatial data is homogeneous, discoverable, accurate, up-to-date, and accessible by all staff and applications.

Using Intermap’s DEM creation capabilities you can:Creating a digital elevation model

  • Receive a DEM created and edited to your specification from multiple elevation datasets, regardless of source (LiDAR, satellite, SRTM, etc.)
  • Upgrade your DEMs to the same specification, homogeneity, and consistency
  • Fill in gaps in your datasets
  • Hydro-enforce your datasets
  • Reduce costs for wide-area coverage

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