NEXTMap® Data Sheets


NEXTMap Clutter Data Sheet

Land classification and height


Land Cover

NEXTMap LandCover Data Sheet

Topographic land information



NEXTMap Hillshade Data Sheet

Visual terrain information


Slope and Aspect

NEXTMap Slope-Aspect Data Sheet

Fully featured global elevation



NEXTMap Contour Data Sheet

Topographic contour lines



NEXTMap Values Data Sheet

Information at specific points


NEXTMap Profile Data Sheet

Cross section view of the terrain


NEXTMap Viewshed Data Sheet

Provides an area of visibility from a specific location

Telecom Applications

Web Services - Telecom Applications
Web Services for Telecom Applications

NEXTMap® 5™

NEXTMap 5 Data Sheet

Comprehensive 3D Data for More Effective Analysis

NEXTMap® World 10™

NEXTMap World10 Data Sheet

Accurate and Comprehensive Worldwide Elevation Data

NEXTMap® World 30™

NEXTMap World30 Data Sheet

Quality Global Elevation Data at an Affordable Price

P-Band Radar Imagery

P-BAND Acquisition

Up to 85cm resolution in 5 countries

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