Accurate Satellite Imagery Geometric Correction

Accelerate Your Satellite Imagery Geometric Correction with NEXTMap® Orthorectification Service

Leverage the best available, highly-accurate and globally available NEXTMap elevation datasets with production-grade orthorectification processing infrastructure to transform your raw satellite imagery into analysis-grade accuracy.

NEXTMap Orthorectification Service allows customers to get accurate and consistent satellite imagery geometry – regardless of image source – with capabilities to incorporate imagery from multiple vendors or collection times.

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Fast, Cost-Effective, and Reliable Orthorectification

All-in-one orthorectification package combines elevation datasets and orthorectification processing in one pricing structure.

Accuracy better than 1-meter and does not require any external terrain data, hardware, or software.

Computing capacity scales to ensure timely processing of your imagery.

Supports optical and radar imagery from a wide range of sensors.

Exceptional Orthorectification Accuracy from Highly Accurate DTM

Based on our unique and highly accurate NEXTMap DTM dataset starting at 1-meter accuracy with 1-meter resolution.

Well defined terrain features and variations accurately corrects raw satellite imagery geometry.

All of the surface features are removed to keep the orthorectified imagery free of distortions.


Analysis-Ready Data… from Any Sensor

Intermap’s orthorectification service supports both optical and radar satellite sensors using a rational polynomial coefficient (RPC) sensor model.
Supported Sensors
GeoEye, IKONOS, Pleiades, Quickbird, RADARSAT, Sentinel-1, SPOT-5, SPOT-6, SPOT-7, TerraSAR-X, WorldView-1, WorldView-2, WorldView-3, Other sensors with RPCs
Supported Imageries
Radar, RGB, NIR, Multispectral, Panchromatic, Pansharpened
1-meter RMSE or better with NEXTMap One regional* coverage; and 2-meter RMSE or better for the rest of the world.
Topographical Variation and Sensor Orientation
* NEXTMap One Regional covers the United States, Western Europe, and parts of Southeast Asia