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Exciting news: Intermap is now making aviation safer and more efficient!

Lido Surface Data NEXTView™ is now EASA-certified and available immediately for use in avionics and UAV Traffic Management Systems around the world

Developed in partnership with Lufthansa Systems, Lido Surface Data NEXTView is the world’s first high-resolution, global terrain dataset. We are the first to receive an EASA Service Provider Certificate Type 1 for this digital terrain dataset, tailored specifically for the aviation industry. Check out our press release and visit our Aviation page.

Visualize Obstacles

Better data means better planning. Intermap’s spatially-rich elevation data shows buildings, roads and natural terrain … and is ready for use and available worldwide.
Elevation Data and Private Flood Insurance
X-band Image Comparison
P-band Image Comparison

The P-band (left) and X-band (right) images show roads, structures, and rivers.

Reveal Features Beneath the Canopy

Intermap’s state-of-the-art pairing of X-band IFSAR and P-band SAR penetrates foliage to reveal natural and manmade features hidden from view when using optical or LiDAR imaging. This technology provides detail beneath the canopy, clearly identifying roads, structures, crops, hydrology, and other infrastructure.

Manage Risk

Analyze flood risk for any location, anywhere in the world. Intermap’s InsitePro® uses multiple flood models, plus its best-in-class NEXTMap® digital terrain model, to provide a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of flood risk. And, with configurable risk scoring, InsitePro allows users to combine flood and other perils with their own information – as well as their particular risk strategy – for a unique analysis not available anywhere else.
Flood Risk Map and Flood Risk Assessment