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Intermap Wins $20 Million Indonesian Mapping Contract

In January 2024, Intermap received a $20 million contract to map the Island of Sulawesi, Indonesia in 2024. The contract is the first phase of the Indonesian national topographic mapping program to create a national digital basemap as part of the One Map program. Under the One Map program's approved technical specifications, Intermap and its partners will provide airborne IFSAR-derived elevation data and cloud-free radar imagery covering 186,000 square kilometers. This award represents 10% of the country’s land area and 10% of the One Map program. It demonstrates the high degree of confidence Indonesia has for Intermap’s unique airborne IFSAR collection and processing capabilities. Follow-on work is expected over the subsequent four years to complete the remaining 90% of Indonesia’s land area, supporting the country’s national infrastructure program and long-term development.

Read the press release here.

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