NEXTMap® for Global Mapper

Annual Subscription

Access the Globe in Global Mapper

Intermap and Blue Marble are proud to offer instant access to NEXTMap® elevation data through Global Mapper software.


Get access to 160 million+ square kilometers of high-resolution NEXTMap elevation for the entire globe in a simple and low-cost annual subscription.

Global Mapper features:

  • Perform detailed terrain analysis within powerful Global Mapper software
  • Detailed high-resolution elevation data
  • Access to digital surface and digital terrain models
  • NEXTMap elevation data is continually updated so customers have access to the latest data

GeoTalks 2023 Global Mapper Demo: Connecting to Online NEXTMap Data for Geospatial Analysis

Natalie Findlay demonstrates how to connect to NEXTMap online terrain data in Global Mapper and how to generate terrain profiles, viewsheds, contours and custom slope and aspect maps. The presentation was part of the Blue Marble Geographics GeoTalks 2023 Conference.

NEXTMap for Global Mapper Enables Access to the Best Available Elevation Data

See the data available in your area of interest with Intermap's Coverage Map.

Check out this quick tutorial on how to connect to NEXTMap data in Global Mapper.

Subscription Information

  • Annual subscriptions are priced per user/year. If you have more than 5 users or would like to inquire about an enterprise account, discounts may apply, please contact us.
  • Customer must accept Intermap's terms of usage for Data Subscriptions.
  • Data is limited to use within the application and cannot be exported for use in other software packages. 
  • Global Mapper license not included, please contact Blue Marble for licensing details.
  • High-resolution data (1m) may not be available in all regions. View Intermap's coverage map here.
  • Subscriptions are compatible with Global Mapper version 20 and higher.
  • Subscriptions include access to 50,000 tiles per user every month. Current customers can view usage here.