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21 Feb, 2005 Intermap Technologies, Inc. has signed a distribution agreement with aerial photography and mapping specialist BlueSky International. BlueSky will become a frontline reseller of NEXTMap Britain elevation datasets throughout Britain. NEXTMap Britain provides the most accurate nationwide height and contour data, which map the rise and fall of the land across the whole of England, Wales and Scotland; the data has a wide variety of applications including flood mapping, pipeline routeing and mobile wireless network planning. 

Based in central England, BlueSky is a leading independent supplier of aerial and satellite imagery as well as other remote sensing technologies, such as Lidar and oblique aerial photography. BlueSky provides many associated production services including, film scanning, photogrammetry, GPS ground control collection, 3D building models and site visualisation. The company also markets a popular collection of geographic education products available through its Wildgoose brand and a full range of digital and hard copy mapping products. 

"We are delighted to welcome BlueSky as one of our frontline resellers in Britain," said Eric DesRoche, vice president of Intermap's NextMap division. "BlueSky has been instrumental in making aerial photography more accessible to professional, education and consumer markets in Britain and is already an enthusiastic advocate of NEXTMap Britain digital terrain models and radar imagery," continued DesRoche.

Intermap's NEXTMap Britain has been one of the world's most ambitious mapping projects. Using advanced airborne radar, Great Britain has been mapped electronically in 3D. With a specially equipped Lear jet flying at night at an altitude of up to 28,000 ft, the data was captured every 5 metres with an impressive sub-metre vertical accuracy. The result of this effort is a remarkable offering: an extensive, accurate, cost-effective method of modelling terrain across the whole of Great Britain.

Notes to editors:
Demand for NEXTMap data is growing as new commercial applications emerge, especially when used in conjunction with traditional mapping and aerial photography within CAD and geographical information systems (GIS). Key application areas include engineering planning; transportation; automotive navigation; irrigation mapping; environmental management and planning; telecommunications network planning; aviation databases; simulation products; and 3D visualisation. Internet applications include virtual tours, topographic maps and computer games. The products are also used to add interactive intelligence to airborne and satellite images. Major UK users include the Environment Agency, Norwich Union, the National Assembly for Wales, the Scottish Executive and the British Geological Survey.

NEXTMap Britain data is sold under license directly through Intermap Technologies, ( or through its network of distributors: 
Marconi Corporation: 

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Intermap is building national datasets around the world, called NEXTMap, digitally remapping entire countries to produce highly accurate digital topographic maps (including elevation). Customers purchase Intermap's high-quality, low-cost data to facilitate better decision-making, for numerous commercial, government, military and consumer applications. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Intermap employs more than 250 people worldwide, with offices in Calgary, Ottawa, Jakarta and Munich. Intermap is publicly traded on the TSX under the symbol IMP.

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