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6 Sep, 2005 Denver, Colorado (September 6, 2005): Intermap (TSX:IMP) today announced that Brian Bullock, President & CEO of Intermap, will be a presenter at the Roth Capital Partners New York Conference on September 7-8, 2005 at the Westin Times Square. Mr. Bullock will be discussing Intermap's vision for creating the most accurate 3D digital map of the United States in history. More than 15% of the area has been acquired by Intermap to date. Mr. Bullock will provide a progress report and discuss the applications that the mapping data is being designed for, including, geographical information systems (GIS), engineering planning, transportation, automotive, navigation, flood risk analysis, irrigation, environmental management and planning, telecommunications network planning, aviation, simulation and 3D visualization. Internet applications include virtual tours, topographic maps and computer games. The products are also used to add interactive intelligence to airborne and satellite images. 

Intermap's presentation will be held on Thursday, September 8th at 3:30 P.M. EDT and will include an overview of the corporation and its financials. 

Intermap is digitally remapping entire countries, building unprecedented national databases, called NEXTMap, of highly accurate digital topographic maps (including elevation). Customers purchase Intermap's high-quality, low-cost data to facilitate better decision-making for numerous commercial, governmental, military and consumer applications. 

Demand for NEXTMap data is growing as new commercial applications are emerging, including Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Intermap employs more than 250 people worldwide, with offices in Calgary, Ottawa, Munich and Jakarta. Intermap is publicly traded on the TSX under the symbol IMP. For more information, visit 

NEXTMap is the name given to Intermap's national program for mapping the terrain of whole countries in unprecedented detail. This program, which employs Intermap's radar (IFSAR) mapping technology to capture elevation and imagery data, is the industry benchmark for accuracy and affordability. The data is obtainable for areas as small as 2 sq km and available at different resolutions and price points for use with a wide variety of computer software, including CAD, GIS and modeling. The data can be used in a wide range of commercial applications, including engineering, transportation, navigation, environmental assessment and management, mobile network planning, simulation and 3D visualization. Major NEXTMap Britain data users include the Environment Agency, Norwich Union, the National Assembly for Wales, the Scottish Executive and the British Geological Survey. NEXTMap Britain is also being supplied to UK Local Authorities, National Parks and Public Services under the MSA (Mapping Services Agreement). 

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Intermap employs more than 280 people worldwide, with offices in Calgary, Ottawa, Munich and Jakarta. Intermap is publicly traded on the TSX Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol IMP. For more information, visit For further information, please contact: 

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