Intermap Partners with 3D Visualization Company 3DVU Ltd.

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12 Jan, 2006 Denver, Colorado (January 12, 2006): Intermap Technologies Corp. (IMP:TSX) announced today that it has partnered with 3DVU Ltd, a leading three-dimensional visualization technology developer. Under the terms of the agreement, Intermap and 3DVU will jointly market their products and services to potential customers, with a specific focus on the automotive, personal navigation and Internet mapping markets. 

"We are excited to join forces with 3DVU in an effort to bring exceptional 3D terrain visualization to our customers," stated Eric DesRoche, Intermap's senior vice president of strategic business development. "3DVU's viewer leverages the exceptional quality of Intermap's detailed 3D maps for the online user. This partnership will bring together the best of wide-area, high-accuracy elevation data and online data streaming technology to offer state-of-the-art products." 

"3DVU's technology will enable viewing of Intermap's high-definition elevation data in 3D perspective on any digital device, anywhere. Our goal in working with Intermap is to address the growing demand for terrain visualization-which is the next standard in 3D navigation," said Isaac Levanon, 3DVU chairman and chief executive officer. "Through this partnership, our two firms will work together to ensure that we capitalize on the strengths of our respective technologies and competencies to deliver seamless solutions to our customers." 

About 3DVU 

3DVU was established in the year 2000 to revolutionize the way in which we view, navigate and interact with our world. 3DVU has developed a unique technology that streams imagery and elevation and presents it in 3D perspective on any digital device, anywhere in the world. 

This technology presents the most realistic navigation aid available on any digital device enabling in-car navigation systems, PDAs, PNDs, mobile handsets and PCs to display realistic, 3D virtual worlds. Using Visual MapT, satellite and aerial imagery, and terrain elevation, as well as mapping data, such as points of interest and route information, this information can now be streamed over limited-bandwidth communications with realistic 3D views and smooth maneuverability. 

3DVU is changing the face of mapping by providing the freedom to look at the world in a more realistic manner. The company is strategically partnered with carmakers; navigation systems, mobile devices and handset developers; major satellite and aerial imagery-sensing entities; and mapping and GIS data providers. 

About Intermap 

Intermap is digitally remapping entire countries, building unprecedented national databases, called NEXTMap, of highly accurate digital topographic maps (including elevation). Customers purchase Intermap's high-quality, low-cost data to facilitate better decision-making for numerous commercial, governmental, military and consumer applications. 

Demand for NEXTMap data is growing as new commercial applications are emerging, including geographical information systems (GIS), engineering planning, transportation, automotive, navigation, flood, irrigation, environmental management and planning, telecommunications network planning, aviation, simulation and 3D visualization. Internet applications include virtual tours, topographic maps and computer games. The products are also used to add interactive intelligence to airborne and satellite images. 

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Intermap employs more than 250 people worldwide, with offices in Calgary, Ottawa, Munich and Jakarta. Intermap is publicly traded on the TSX under the symbol IMP. For more information, visit 

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