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16 Mar, 2006

Denver, Colorado (March 16, 2006): Intermap Technologies Corp. (IMP:TSX) today announced new licensing contracts to provide NEXTMap USA data to the California counties of San Louis Obispo and Kern.

In January of 2006, Intermap announced that it had completed the mapping of the state of California. The new digital map is the most accurate three-dimensional color map ever produced of the state. The feature-rich data, which includes terrain models and imagery, will be used by the counties for many applications including geographical information systems (GIS), engineering planning, transportation, flood, irrigation, environmental management and planning. The data can also be used to enhance the value of airborne and satellite imagery.

San Luis Obispo county has already received the data encompassing the entire county and Kern county will receive their data later this month, also encompassing the entire county. The total value of these sales is in excess of US$550,000.

"The sale of NEXTMap USA data to two more counties underscores the high value of our elevation and image data for county and statewide governance" commented Garth Lawrence, Intermap's senior vice president of business operations.

These two notable sales are only a part of the growing sales success of NEXTMap USA data. The Company has also recorded additional sales to utilities, local government and commercial entities bringing the total NEXTMap California sales to date to $1.3 million.

As a continuation of its NEXTMap USA program to create the most accurate digital 3D map of the entire United States, Intermap has mapped the entire states of California, Florida, Mississippi and Hawaii, and portions of several other states. California, having a size of over 423,000 square kilometers, is the largest state mapped by Intermap thus far.

As part of the NEXTMap USA program in 2006, Intermap plans to map areas in Texas, New Mexico, a large portion of the highly populated area of the northeast United States and other key areas driven by customer demands. By the end of the year, more than 25 percent of the United States is expected to be available for sale through the online Intermap Store.

About Intermap

Intermap is digitally remapping entire countries, building unprecedented national databases, called NEXTMap. NEXTMap consists of highly accurate digital elevation data, accurate color images and other derived products. Customers purchase Intermap's high-quality, low-cost data to facilitate better decision-making for numerous commercial, governmental, military and consumer applications.

Demand for NEXTMap data is growing as new commercial applications are emerging such as intelligent transportation systems, flood risk management, disaster mitigation, 3D visualization, and Internet mapping. These new markets supplement growth in mainstream markets like geographical information systems (GIS), engineering planning, transportation, irrigation, environmental management, and telecommunications network planning. Internet applications in the future will include virtual tours, education, location based services, and computer games. The products are also used to add 3D to and improve the accuracy of airborne and satellite images.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Intermap employs more than 250 people worldwide, with offices in Calgary, Ottawa, Munich and Jakarta. Intermap is publicly traded on the TSX under the symbol IMP. For more information, visit