Intermap Technologies and Definiens AG to Build GIS-ready Countrywide Land Cover Maps

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10 Oct, 2006 DENVER, Colo., and MUNICH, Germany (October 10, 2006) --- Intermap Technologies, Inc. (TSX: IMP.TO, AIM: IMAP.L) a geospatial industry leader, and Definiens AG, the leading Enterprise Image Intelligence software provider, announced today at INTERGEO in Munich that they have signed an agreement to develop a land cover vector layer product called EARThemes®, covering all of Germany and the United Kingdom. EARThemes® combines radar imagery, digital surface models, and IFSAR data and through an automatic analysis engine creates uniquely accurate land cover datasets. 

Available beginning January 2007, EARThemes® will consist of a contiguous, contemporary thematic layer of Germany that includes five categories of land cover: urban, vegetation, agriculture, water, and rural area. Polygons of non-vegetated and non-populated areas will include additional slope information. The data will be available in an Arc GIS format, ready to integrate into any GIS application within or outside the ESRI environment. 

EARThemes® can be utilized by local and state government agencies and commercial enterprises to harness the valuable information from radar imagery without needing to be a radar expert. The product provides accurate and up-to-date GIS ready basic land cover information without any gaps. It can serve as the foundation layer in the areas of urban planning, forestry and agriculture management, watershed analysis, and infrastructure characterization. 

"Combining highly accurate orthorectified radar imagery and digital surface models with the unique patented Definiens eCognition product suite and optimized IFSAR data has enabled us to offer accurate land cover data on a country-wide basis," commented Rene Hermes, Definiens' vice president of marketing. "Initial tests have shown an overall accuracy of more than 90%. This will dramatically reduce the time and effort government agencies and commercial enterprises spend analyzing basic land cover. With EARThemes®, they can base their decisions on unprecedented consistency in time, space and classification of topographic maps." 

The unique land cover classification dataset is enabled by Intermap Technologies' 2006 NEXTMap Deutschland collection of lnterFerometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (IFSAR) data for the entire country. NEXTMap® Deutschland is part of a larger Intermap strategy to completely map Western Europe by the end of 2007. 

"We are extremely excited to be partnering with Definiens to offer EARThemes® as a companion product to the elevation and surface models we're creating in our NEXTMap Deutschland effort. The success of this product in Germany will lead the way for future thematic layers in Western Europe and the United States," said Kevin Thomas, vice president of marketing for Intermap Technologies. 

About Definiens AG
Definiens is the number one provider of Enterprise Image Intelligence solutions that enable its clients to harness all relevant information from digital images to support fast and accurate decision making crucial to its business process. 

Definiens' products are built on its platform technology Definiens eCognition" that represents a quantum leap in the realms of digital image analysis. The products are offered across chosen markets, initially focusing on Earth Observation/Remote Sensing and Life Sciences. Definiens offers advanced and robust image analysis solutions to perform satellite and aerial image classification more intelligently, more accurately, and more efficiently than traditional methods. Its technology is also used to accelerate the drug discovery, development, and diagnostics processes in life sciences. For more information, visit: or write to