Intermap Technologies Completes Mapping of Germany to Drive Innovations in German Automotive and Insurance Markets

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2 Nov, 2006 DENVER & MUNICH (November 2, 2006): Intermap Technologies Corp. (IMP:TSX, AIM:IMAP) announced today that it has completed the proactive data collection of the entire country of Germany (357,000 sq. km. / 137,838 sq. mi.) to complete its NEXTMap® Deutschland initiative. Additionally, the company collected data in surrounding countries resulting in a total of 486,873 sq. km. (187,983 sq. mi). as part of its NEXTMap Europe program, scheduled for completion in 2007. The accelerated completion of NEXTMap® Deutschland was driven by demand within the German automotive, government, and insurance sectors for enabling applications that require highly accurate three-dimensional maps. Once processed, these datasets will encompass the most accurate elevation models of Germany in existence.

Precise 3D height data will enable the automotive industry to drive the development of active safety devices, fuel performance improvements, and a host of navigation solutions. Additionally, the vertical accuracy levels of 1 meter or better creates tremendous value for the insurance industry to perform accurate risk assessments for flood and other potential environmental hazard scenarios. Likewise, government and enterprise entities will now have access to information at a level of accuracy previously not available in the market.

"The completion of data collection in Germany is a major step toward our ultimate goal of creating highly-accurate national databases that satisfy the emerging 3D elevation needs of governments and enterprises worldwide," commented Brian Bullock, Intermap's president and CEO. "We've already collected considerable elevation data in Europe, including all of Great Britain. In fact, the results in Germany represent a 717% increase in efficiencies over our collection efforts in Britain. I have no doubt that the data collected under the NEXTMap® umbrella will escalate the development of countless innovative applications in the automotive and insurance sectors that rely on accurate, high-resolution 3D elevation data in order to gain momentum."

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