Intermap Technologies Joins Search for Missing Indonesian Aircraft

News Releases

10 Jan, 2007
Intermap Technologies Corp. (IMP:TSX.TO, AIM: IMAP.L) today announced they have joined the effort to search for a missing Adam Air Boeing 737-400 that vanished off radar screens in Indonesia on January 1 with 102 people on board. Radio contact was lost during heavy rain while enroute from Surabaya on Java island to Manado on Sulawesi island. 

Intermap is a worldwide leading geospatial company with extensive mapping experience throughout Southeast Asia. One of the Company's radar-equipped aircraft was rerouted from a nearby island and is currently flying missions over areas of the island where the jetliner disappeared. Using IFSAR radar imagery technology, the Company can collect and create detailed maps of wide areas of the island through cloud-covered skies and across rugged terrain. After completing the flight missions, the Company will expedite the processing and analysis of the data. Since Intermap had previously mapped the entire island of Sulawesi with IFSAR, areas of change can automatically be detected and investigated. If the aircraft is found, rescuers can be dispatched to the area using the highly accurate GPS coordinates pulled from the collected IFSAR imagery. 

"It is our sincere desire that the deployment of our aircraft and personnel to Sulawesi will help find and locate the aircraft quickly," commented Brian Bullock, Intermap.s president and CEO. "Our team performed work in Sulawesi and Nias Island in 2006 to aid recovery and rebuilding efforts following the December 2004 tsunami and, while we are in the commercial mapping business, the opportunity to reach out and assist the people of Indonesia is important to the company and in particular to our Indonesian staff."