ÄŒAP and Intermap Technologies publish flood modelling maps

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7 Jan, 2009

Prague: The ÄŒeská asociace pojiÅ¡Å¥oven (Czech Insurance Association) (ÄŒAP) in cooperation with the company Intermap Technologies has set up a system on its web pages, www.cap.cz, which assesses the risk of flooding in the entire Czech Republic.

The insurance companies associated in ÄŒAP use the system when evaluating insurance risks and calculating prices for customers insuring property.

ÄŒAP has become the professional guarantor of the map portal, which is run by the company Intermap Technologies, s.r.o. Through its web pages the association has made its electronic system of flood modelling maps open to the public. Various methods where used to create the flood risk zones in the application, a significant role being played by the Geomorphological Regression Model provided by SwissRe, one of the world's leading reinsurers.

“The Association has decided to make the system open to the public. Before it was solely used by ÄŒAP members when assessing flood risk and calculating prices for customers insuring property. This means that now people can use the same tools when, for example, buying property in the Czech Republic. They can check up on a property's location and find out what the insurance options are,” explained TomáÅ¡ Sà­kora, the chief executive of ÄŒAP.

The system's greatest benefit is informing the public about the possible dangers of flooding in a given locality and its impact on insuring property. In certain risk zones it is necessary to count on increased insurance rates. In the Czech Republic, just as elsewhere in the world, there are locations that, due to the level of flood risk involved, cannot be insured.

The flood risk zone system covers the entire Czech Republic, i.e. all of the watercourses that are important from the standpoint of possible damages arising to property as a result of flooding. The maps used in the application cover the whole of the Czech Republic and 210 of the larger towns and cities are covered in detail at a scale of 1:10 000, which is similar to a street map. The resultant information on the insurance risk of an address chosen by the user is provided in the form of a “Risk Report”, which is generated by the system and can be downloaded in PDF format.

This unique program for flood risk zones, originally for the needs of the ÄŒAP members, has been created in stages since 2001.

“Our aim is to provide the public with information on the physical bases as seen by the insurance companies regarding the danger of flooding in the Czech Republic and to ensure the information and maps are up to date. We decided to continuously update the application with new maps and data so that the system is always in accord with the information used by the ÄŒAP members. For the user the system is very straightforward and easy to use and we managed to successfully integrate the system directly into the ÄŒAP portal,” adds Ivo Bánovský the head of Risk Management at Intermap Technologies.

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