Intermap Technologies' Online Terrain Profiles Dramatically Enhance the Accurate Placement of Wireless Transmission Towers In Europe and the U.S.

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12 May, 2010

Online application for microwave link planning allows quick, cost-effective, and reliable line-of-sight determination for telecommunications companies and emergency service providers in Western Europe and the United States

DENVER & Munich, Germany (May 12, 2010): Intermap Technologies, a worldwide 3D digital mapping and geospatial solutions company, today announced the immediate availability of its Web-based application that produces NEXTMap Online Terrain Profiles (OTPs) for microwave link planning. The application was designed specifically to support microwave tower placement and network expansion by delivering precise terrain profiles (including 3D terrain data and profile graphs) via the Company's TerrainOnDemand Web services portal.

Prior to NEXTMap OTPs, telecommunications companies had to depend on inconsistent and unreliable elevation data that required labor-intensive and costly validation field surveys, thereby increasing the expense and time required to upgrade and expand microwave transmission networks. 

Now, network planners can easily retrieve highly reliable profile data between towers, based on NEXTMap digital surface models (1-meter or better vertical accuracy) that include cultural features such as vegetation, buildings, and roads. Then, they can immediately view the results online or import the data into their network planning software to create accurate signal propagation models that quickly verify whether lines of sight between proposed tower locations are unimpeded. Users can choose a convenient payment plan that doesn't rely on the pre-purchase of elevation data. 

"Our application is ideal for anyone in the telecommunications industry who builds, engineers, or plans microwave networks due to its ease of operation and the remarkable speed with which lines of sight can be accurately determined anywhere in the U.S. or Western Europe," said Tony Brown, vice president of Intermap's data products group. "The really good news for microwave network planners is our new product enables in-office planning capabilities through online delivery of quality, cost-efficient terrain profiles that can dramatically reduce the number and cost of field site surveys." 

All of the Company's countrywide NEXTMap® datasets include uniformly reliable digital terrain models that display the bare earth (with all cultural features digitally removed) and orthorectified radar images corrected to remove normal geometric distortions (grayscale images that accentuate topographic features), as well as the aforementioned digital surface models.

In addition to Intermap's OTPs for microwave link planning, the Company will continue to expand their web services for the telecommunications industry, while adding new online applications for the aviation and risk management sectors via TerrainOnDemand. Customers can access the new OTP web portal at: 

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Intermap is a global digital mapping company creating uniform high-resolution 3D digital models of the earth's surface. The Company has proactively remapped entire countries and built uniform national databases, called NEXTMap®, consisting of affordably priced elevation data and geometric images of unprecedented accuracy. Demand for NEXTMap data is growing as new commercial applications emerge within the GIS, engineering, automotive, GPS maps, insurance risk assessment, oil and gas, hydrology, renewable energy, environmental planning, wireless communications, transportation, aviation, and 3D visualization markets. 

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Intermap has offices in Calgary, Detroit, Jakarta, London, Munich, Paris, Prague, and Washington D.C. For more information, visit

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