Intermap Technologies completes the first 3D dataset of all roads in Western Europe

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8 Mar, 2011

DENVER, Colo. – March 8, 2011: Intermap Technologies (TSX: IMP) today announced the completion of their 3D Roads – the only dataset  to provide highly accurate 3D models for every road, from the largest highway to the smallest urban and rural roads, throughout Western Europe. Derived from a radar-generated 2D road network combined with height information from the Company’s NEXTMap digital terrain model, 3D Roads is the first accurate, seamless, and comprehensive collection of road data available to the region.

“Previously, only a limited number of roads have been mapped to this precision,” said John Craig, director of product management, automotive, at Intermap Technologies. “Since our 3D Roads accurately cover all roads in Western Europe, the automotive industry can now test and deliver innovative technologies with no geographic restrictions.” 

New applications derived from Intermap’s 3D Roads can help enhance a vehicle’s efficiency, utility, and safety. For example, energy management applications can help save fuel and reduce harmful emissions by finding the most fuel-efficient route, accurately predicting an electric vehicle’s range, or predicatively shifting gears in trucks. Also, road slope and curvature can be sensed in advance with vehicle safety systems such as predictive front lighting which optimally directs front headlights in anticipation of upcoming bends and hills in the road ahead.

Intermap’s 3D Roads feature more than 6 million kilometers of all classes of roads in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Ireland, and Portugal.

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Intermap Technologies is a preeminent digital mapping and geospatial solutions provider that has set the industry standard for creating uniform high-resolution 3D digital models of the earth’s surface. The Company has proactively remapped entire countries and built uniform national databases, called NEXTMap, consisting of affordably priced elevation data and geometric images of unprecedented accuracy. Demand for NEXTMap data and the Company’s contract mapping services is growing as commercial applications emerge within the GIS, federal & civil government, national mapping, defense and intelligence, automotive, insurance risk assessment, wireless telecommunications, and cloud-based web services markets. 

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