Intermap Announces Two Telecom Geoint Software Contract

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4 Jun, 2019

DENVER, CO – Intermap Technologies announced today that it signed contracts with two major telecommunication companies for NEXTMap®One-based telecom analytics for microwave link and network planning. Rise Broadband, Inc., the largest residential fixed wireless broadband provider in the United States, will use Intermap’s Viewshed analytic for detailed line-of-sight analysis of its new higher-speed offerings. Bouygues Telecom, a leading mobile phone, internet services, and IPTV provider in France, will access Intermap’s Link Profile tools for accurate planning and analysis of radio-relays.

Growing customer demand requires telecommunication firms provide continuous access to high-speed information in challenging environments around the globe. Intermap’s telecom analytics suite enables operators to be more efficient and competitive by using high-resolution, real-world data to accurately model their signal propogation. Powered by NEXTMap One, Intermap’s application suite is unique in providing high-accuracy, web-based analytics, combined with proprietrary, high-acuity terrain information, anywhere on Earth. Operators use Intermap’s proprietary tools to plan their network deployments more efficiently, with greater accuracy and cost-effectivness.

Rise Broadband provides high-speed broadband coverage to residential and commercial customers, including internet and digital services in under-served rural areas in the United States. Rise Broadband’s rapid market growth requires accurate coverage forecasting using 3D line-of-sight analysis.

Bouygues Telecom is a recognized telecommunications innovator, providing 4G LTE coverage to 99% of the French population. Bouygues Telecom requires 3D analysis of RF propagation profiles across its wireless infrastructure as it upgrades its network.

Both customized solutions are powered by Intermap’s products and services through an annual subscription.

“Intermap’s telecom analytics are part of our growing suite of high-acuity, data-powered products, with commercial applications including flood risk mapping, insurance underwriting, and aviation software,” commented Patrick Blott, Chairman and CEO of Intermap. “For telecommunications, our data-powered applications support next-generation network planning with highly-accurate, reliable analytics and proprietary data, available economically, in real-time, anywhere on the globe.”

About Intermap Technologies
Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Intermap (TSX: IMP) (ITMSF: BB) is an industry leader in geospatial intelligence solutions. These geospatial solutions are used in a wide range of applications, including, but not limited to, location-based information, risk assessment, geographic information systems, engineering, utilities, global positioning systems, oil and gas, renewable energy, hydrology, environmental planning, land management, wireless communications, transportation, advertising, and 3D visualization. Intermap generates revenue from three primary business activities, composed of i) data acquisition and collection, using proprietary, multi-frequency, radar sensor technologies, ii) value-added data products and services, which leverage the Company’s proprietary NEXTMap® database, together with proprietary software and fusion technologies, and iii) commercial applications and solutions, including a webstore and software sales targeting selected industry verticals that rely on accurate high-resolution elevation data. The Company is a world leader in geospatial data management and processing, including fusion, analytics, and orthorectification, and has decades of experience aggregating data derived from a number of different sensor technologies and data sources. For more information please visit

About Rise Broadband

Rise Broadband, headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, is the largest fixed wireless broadband service provider in the United States; delivering high-speed Internet and digital voice services to nearly 200,000 residential and commercial customers across 16 states. Rise Broadband is dedicated to providing reliable high-speed Internet and phone service which enable customers to connect with the people and things they value most. In doing so, Rise helps close the digital divide by offering rural and suburban homes and businesses a competitive choice for quality, affordable service.

About Bouygues Telecom

As a full-service electronic communications operator in France, Bouygues Telecom stands out by providing its 20 million customers access to the best technology has to offer on a daily basis. The very high quality of its 4G mobile network, which now covers 99% of the French population, and of its fixed and Cloud services, provides customers with simple solutions, enabling them to fully enjoy their digital lives, regardless of their location. Bouygues Telecom is proud of the innovations it has offered to its customers over the last 20 years. It continues to pursue the same strategy of providing new technologies to as many people as possible.

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