Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Global Terrain Data for Next Generation UAVs

Lido Surface Data NEXTView

Lido Surface Data NEXTView combines Intermap’s NEXTMap® elevation data with Lufthansa Systems’ Lido Surface Data to provide the UAV market with the world’s first high-resolution, global terrain dataset

sanfran buildings

Optimize UAV Operations

Flight Planning. Use high-accuracy terrain information in urban and rural environments to identify new bases, distribution centers, strategic positions, obstructions and vantage points

Flight Safety. Minimize risk of collision with high-precision locations of billions of obstructions worldwide, including buildings, vegetation and terrain features

Flight Efficiency. Reduce the “uncertainty envelope” on flight paths. Determine and select optimal routes, minimize elevation gains and increase payload weight

Sensor Integration. Highly suitable for real-time sensor integration for full situational awareness. NEXTView data provides strategic overview and onboard sensors provide real-time tactical overview

World’s First Global, Digital Terrain Data for the UAV Market

Worldwide Coverage. 100% coverage of the Earth’s surface

Accurate Terrain Data. Seamless 6-meter digital surface model with 3-meter vertical accuracy

Detailed Surface Obstructions. Anticipate billions of obstructions such as buildings, bridges and trees during flight planning

Certified. Fully EASA-certified and approved for navigation systems and integration with flight safety systems

Continually Updated. Continual updates ensure data are reliable and current


See the Difference

NEXTView elevation data dramatically reveal buildings, terrain and other obstructions that are missing in other datasets

Costa Rica - NEXTView
Costa Rica - SRTM

See the difference between the two datasets by moving the slider


Data Update
Updated continually*
Data Type
Digital Surface Model (DSM)

Flattened water bodies
Rivers (double-line drains)

6m (nominal, varies by latitude)
Worldwide obstructions and surface features
Absolute Accuracy

Vertical: 3m LE90*
Horizontal: 5m CE90*


AIRAC or annual subscription

Building Models
80% of buildings*
Age of Data

Released 2019

Projection / Datum
Geographic, WGS84 datum, EGM2008 geoid

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU)
2017/373 (EASA type 1 certification) RTCA
DO-200B, RTCA DO-276C, RTCA DO-291C

Sensor Integration

Support for LiDAR, Optical and Radar processing and integration

*See Product Specification