LiDAR – Light Detection and Ranging – is a proven technology for collecting very high accuracy elevation data and is incorporated into a number of Intermap products and analytics. LiDAR is highly attractive for elevation data collection because it penetrates through sparse foliage and narrow obstructions to provide critical insights into surface features, as well as the ground below.

Intermap offers LiDAR collection to its customers as a standalone data collection product or can seamlessly fuse multiple datasets to optimally balance accuracies and costs.

The Right Data in the Right Area

Intermap can create a custom elevation model specifically tailored to meet your needs. LiDAR data offers amazing accuracy, but is costly to acquire and process. For regions where LiDAR’s accuracy is not required, other datasets can be obtained and integrated with the LiDAR areas to decrease the total project cost. Intermap’s fusion services bring multiple elevation datasets, of differing resolutions and specifications, together into one homogeneous data specification. Intermap will seamlessly merge data to create the ideal solution for you.

LiDAR (1m post spacing) in the urban region fused with IFSAR 5m posts in the hills and forest


Custom Collection, Mature Operations

Intermap’s wide range of sensors and platforms allow us to select a base and schedule to meet your needs. We have experience processing and delivering over 15 million km2 of airborne data to customers worldwide and are experts in tailoring collection efforts to customer needs.

Through controlled processes across the entire life cycle of project setup, data acquisition, data processing and editing, and delivery, Intermap ensures the project runs smoothly and high-quality data is produced every time.

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