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You will find below frequently asked questions with documentation and guides that may assist you as you use Intermap's InsitePro software. If your question isn't answered or your concern isn't addressed, please complete the form at the bottom of this page and an Intermap customer support representative will be in touch with you. You can also call us toll-free at +1 877-837-7246 or at +1 303-708-0955, or email us at support.insitepro@intermap.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I access the InsitePro User Guide?
Please click here to view the User Guide.


How do I change the basemap?

Navigate to the “overlays” tab and select your choice.

Who provides the basemap imagery for my area of interest (AOI)?

Google Maps currently provides all basemaps for InsitePro. This can be changed on a custom basis.

How do I search for a specific location?

Type the address into the “place search” field in the top left of the InsitePro map.

How do I change the colors or symbols of features within InsitePro?

The current version of InsitePro does not support custom symbolization. This functionality will be available in future releases.

How do I log out of InsitePro?

There is a “logout” button in the user tab.

What file types can I use to create a portfolio?

InsitePro currently accepts csv files for portfolio creation. Future releases will allow portfolio creation from a wider range of file types, including xls and kml.

Is there a table schema that my csv file must follow?

Each csv file used to create a portfolio must contain a column for:

  • Name
  • Latitude
  • Longitude

Row 1 must contain column headers, and cell A1 must not contain “id”.

Is there a limit to the number of columns that my csv file, used for creation of a portfolio, can contain?

No, you can include as many columns of data as needed.

What format is required for latitude and longitude columns?

Latitude and longitude columns need to be in decimal degrees format.

How do I see how many locations are in a portfolio?

Click on the “details” button on the portfolio thumbnail. Details include:

  • Number of records
  • Date created (i.e., uploaded to InsitePro)
  • Date modified (i.e., with analysis output or new locations)

How do I delete a portfolio?

Click on the “delete” button within the portfolio thumbnail.

I only have addresses for my locations. How do I create latitude and longitude information from them?

The addresses need to be geocoded. Intermap offers geocoding as a professional service.

Geocoding will be introduced into the InsitePro product, starting with single locations in the second release, followed by full portfolio geocoding in late 2014.

How many portfolios can I create?

You can create as many portfolios as you would like. The InsitePro license that your organization has agreed to will determine how many locations you are able to analyze.

How do I add an individual record to my portfolio?

You can add new items to your portfolio in two different ways:

  1. Right-click on a location on the map viewer where you would like to add an item and enter a name.
  2. Open the portfolios tab, click the “create new” icon on the left corner of your browser window and enter a name. InsitePro creates an item in the center of your map window.

How do I edit the name, latitude, and longitude values for the individual location I added?

First, select the record by either clicking on it within the map window or highlighting the record within the data table, then click the “edit” icon to the immediate left of the record. A dialog appears allowing you to input a new name. All table values within the portfolio can be edited except latitude, longitude, and analysis output values.

How do I remove an individual record?

First, select the record by either clicking on it within the map window or highlighting the record within the data table, and then click the “x” icon to the immediate left of the record.

Can I symbolize my locations by one of the columns in the analyzed data? For example, size them by the maximum depth or color them by the flood exposure potential?

Future versions of InsitePro will offer the ability to customize feature symbolization based on location attributes.

How do I sort my records in the table?

Click on a column header to toggle between ascending and descending order.

What do the numbers in blue or yellow circles indicate on the map?

These are clusters of locations that cannot be individually plotted on the map at the current scale. Clicking on the circle, zooms in to the location cluster.

Can I add models to InsitePro?

Yes, you can add models to InsitePro. If you have your own models, Intermap can add them to the “overlays” tab as a professional service.
You can subscribe to a model through the model store (coming in mid 2014) which will make a wide selection of models available by geography and peril types.

Can I build my own models in InsitePro?

No, InsitePro is not for building models.

Can I run scenario analysis with InsitePro? No, InsitePro does not run scenarios.


Can I change the colors used for the flood RTP?

The colors for RTP zones are pre-defined in the current release.

How do I add additional reference data (GIS) to the map?

Future releases of InsitePro will enable the uploading of GIS data into InsitePro.

Why, within some areas, does the flood map not overlay (i.e., are offset) precisely with rivers and lakes? 

Depending on the basemap that you choose to overlay the flood models over, there may be inaccuracies visible. All of the data overlays provided by Intermap, such as the WorldFlood™ RTP and Wildfire™, are created using the most accurate elevation and reference data available; often more accurate than freely available imagery and basemap data. In addition, several governments have modified their imagery and street network data made available publicly within Google and Microsoft mapping programs for security reasons.

Where can I find the release schedule for updated flood maps?

Please contact Ivan Maddox, the product manager for InsitePro, at imaddox@intermap.com.

How do I hide the table from the map screen?

Within the “overlays” tab, click the grid icon under “portfolio”, or from within the table, click the “x” within the upper right of the table. Clicking either of these buttons also reactivates the table view.

How do I hide the locations on the map?

Within the “overlays” tab, uncheck the portfolio name under “portfolio”. Rechecking this box reactivates the locations in the map.

What is “analysis”?

The analysis tab allows you to analyze the currently selected portfolio against any of the available overlays. Analysis correlates each location with an overlay to determine the output specific to each model. For example, analysis against WorldFlood outputs the flood risk for each location based on the model.

What do all the new columns of analysis represent?

The output glossary can be found in reports, within the portfolio legend.

What happens when I click on “show report ”?

After clicking the analysis tab, click the show report link to go to the report page for a completed analysis.

Is there an analysis tool for underwriters?

An underwriting module is planned for release in the second half of 2014.

Is there a measuring tool?

A 3d measuring tool is planned for release in late 2014.  The tool will measure horizontal distance and elevation difference.

What is the portfolio legend?

The portfolio legend explains all the output in the currently selected portfolio.

What happens when I click the “export to csv” but ton?

A csv file of the currently selected portfolio is exported to your desktop.

Can I choose what columns of data are included in my export?

Currently, there is no control over the columns output in the csv file; future versions of InsitePro will support this functionality.

Can I export other file formats?

The initial version of InsitePro only exports csv files; future versions will support this functionality.

Can I save the map as an image?

Currently, the initial version of InsitePro does not support this functionality; future versions will allow maps to be exported as a file or image.

Can I print the map?

Yes, via the “print screen” function; future versions of InsitePro will support additional printing options for the map.

What information is contained within the reports?
  • “date analyzed” is when the analysis was conducted (i.e., your local time zone).
  • “outside measured area” is the percentage of the portfolio outside the zones of that risk model.
  • “number of records” is the number of locations in the portfolio.
  • The pie chart represents the distribution of the portfolio locations within each risk zone.

What does “portfolio usage” refer to?

This is the total number of locations uploaded into InsitePro. There is an annual limit associated with the specific tier purchased by your organization.

What information can I find within “users”?

The “users” tab allows account administrators to add or remove users from an organization. There is no administrative control on this function because organizations are allowed to have as many users as they want.

How do I add a user?

From the user tab, click users, and then, at the end of the list, click “+new user”. Complete the information for the new user via the create user wizard.

What is the logout button for?

This logs the current user out of InsitePro.

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