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Intermap Brings Enhanced IFSAR Collection Capabilities and Geospatial Analytics to the Recently Awarded USGS GPSC4 Contract

Intermap brings expertise in IFSAR collection and geospatial analytics to the Dewberry team on its recently awarded U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Geospatial Products and Services (GPSC4) prime contract. The Company has been a subcontractor on the USGS GPSC contracts since 2010, collecting IFSAR elevation data and processing and delivering that data with LiDAR in support of the USGS 3D Elevation Program (3DEP).
Press Release

The GPSC4 contract began in August 2021 and will continue until February 2027, with a contract ceiling of $850 million. The GPSC contracts have grown significantly over the last 15 years, starting at $35.7 million with the original GPSC contract. This growth shows the increasing demand for geospatial data and solutions to solve critical mapping problems where Intermap is uniquely positioned to accomplish the mission.

Read more about Intermap’s work on the USGS GPSC contracts here.

What Is Remote Sensing?

Remote sensing is the science of acquiring information about the Earth's surface without being in contact with it. This is done by sensing and recording reflected or emitted energy and processing, analyzing, and applying that information. Learn more about remote sensing in a tutorial we created for Natural Resources Canada.

Global Geospatial Solutions

We make it easy to get valuable insights from geospatial data. Our 3D foundation data is integrated into our end-to-end geospatial solutions for government and commercial customers. From proprietary sensors and airborne platforms to patented algorithms and powerful analytics, we tailor our high-accuracy solutions for your needs.