Patrol & Monitoring

Precision Detail... Beneath the Canopy

Foliage-Penetrating Geospatial Information at Your Fingertips

Leveraging over 15 years in research, development and operation of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology, Intermap’s airborne radar imaging system – incorporating simultaneous X-band IFSAR and P-band collection – is the world’s highest-resolution commercial multi-frequency remote sensing platform.

Change Detection – Instantly See What’s Added or Removed

Intermap’s SAR data suite is optimized for feature extraction of roads, structures, and hydrology … providing precision detail beneath the canopy. Intermap helps users clearly identify roads, structures, crops, hydrology, and other infrastructure. Our systems also detects threat items like improvised explosive devices (IEDs), command wires, and unexploded ordnance – even beneath the ground’s surface. Move the slider to reveal features.

Intermap’s SAR data
Intermap’s SAR data
Powerlines Intermap’s SAR data
Powerlines Intermap’s SAR data

P-band clearly illustrates infrastructure details, such as the powerlines (highlighted in green) running diagonally along the left side of the image. Move the slider to reveal features.

Powerful SAR Data Suite

Intermap’s synthetic aperture radar (SAR) suite simultaneously operates X-band and P-band modules to provide unprecedented sub-canopy information, as well as high-resolution imagery and interferometry.

  • Get guaranteed images in all weather conditions – regardless of clouds, smoke, or haze
  • Penetrate canopy vegetation for tactical awareness of objects and features, such as vehicles, fences, buildings, and more
  • Visualize scenes clearly with high-resolution 25-cm X-band and 83-cm P-band imagery

High-Altitude, Large AOI Data Collection

Operating at up to 38,000 ft, Intermap’s Patrol and Monitoring platform is able to map an entire region in a single flight.

  • Acquire up to 20X the amount of data compared to optical
  • Safely map objects up to 25 km away with imaging wide, 14-km swaths
  • High-resolution, 1-m digital terrain and surface models (DTM/DSM)
  • Scene collection day or night – regardless of weather or cloud cover
3D Picture DSM