NEXTMap® Web Services Technical Documents

Data Subscription Access

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How to connect COTS software to Intermap’s Data Subscription services demo data using OGC

API Specification

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Application Programming Interface (API) Specification


Demo Data List

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A list of demo data sets available by product


NEXTMap for Global Mapper

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How to connect to NEXTMap in Global Mapper



Links to Web Service Apps (Existing Customers)

Downloader App -

Profile App -

Viewshed App -

Link Profile App -

Values App -

Web Coverage Service API (WCS Endpoint) -

Web Map Service API (WMS Endpoint) -


Web Services Support Contact

For customer support regarding the NEXTMap Web Services, please complete this form and an Intermap customer support representative will be in touch with you shortly.

You can also call us toll-free at +1 877-837-7246 or at +1 303-708-0955, or email us at:


NEXTMap for Global Mapper FAQ

Thank you for subscribing to NEXTMap on Global Mapper!  

Where can I learn more about NEXTMap One? 
The NEXTMap One webpage, datasheet or whitepaper 

What data is available? 
NEXTMap defaults to best available data. Check the coverage map for details.

Do I need Global Mapper License? 
Yes, this can be purchased from Blue Marble.

What version of Global Mapper do I need? 
The most current version, Global Mapper v19.1 or newer.

Can I download the data from Global Mapper? 
No, the data is unavailable for export, however analysis can be performed in Global Mapper.

How do I connect with Global Mapper? 
For more information on how to load our data into Global Mapper, visit our instruction guide.

How often is NEXTMap data updated? 
NEXTMap elevation data is updated weekly, with over 1 million km2 high resolution data added per month.

How do I check my tile usage? 
For tile usage, visit your account report.
For tile usage instructions, visit the user guide.
You have access to 50,000 tiles per 30 days.

For further assistance feel free to visit our Product Support page.