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The best solutions start with the right data

Data is an essential component in advancing modern civilization. From assessing land cover, slope, and aspect, to planning a new community, to mobilizing a military operation — and so much more — much of daily life depends on data.

A solid foundation for your business

Intermap's Foundation Data layers provide the framework necessary for governments and businesses to make informed decisions and find intelligent solutions to their planning challenges.  Intermap offers some of the most homogeneous imagery and accurate elevation products commercially available today.

Elevation Data


NEXTMap One™
Global 1m DSM and DTM




5m posted DSM, DTM, and imagery

World 10-397999-edited.png

World 10

Global 10m posted DSM and DTM

Accurate Imagery

X-Band Radar Imagery

X-Band Radar Imagery

Up to 50cm resolution in 36 countries




P-Band Radar Imagery

Up to 85cm resolution in 5 countries



Access Foundation Data now

Intermap's foundation data is available as a low-cost data subscription or through purchase on our Web Store.   Need custom data?  Intermap provides custom data collection services around the world through its fleet of aircraft and satellite partners.

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Featured Case Study
San Luis Obispo County
Using elevation data from Intermap's NEXTMap USA – California datasets, the county of San Luis Obispo, California was able to safely and efficiently plan for an influx of new residents.
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Case Study: San Luis Obispo
"We compared Intermap's data to our old resources and saw a much more precise option." 
- E-Plus Group

Additional features of our Foundation Data:

Advanced Data Optimization 
Our data is seamless and consistent throughout the world and our ISO-certified geospatial processing facility optimizes our NEXTMap® products so they are void-filled and hydro-enforced. The quality systems of each Intermap facility have been certified by UL DQS Inc. to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard.

Instant Access Via Data Subscriptions 
Since the data is hosted and stored in the cloud, you can access NEXTMap® products for your area of interest immediately and cost-effectively. In addition, our online tools allow you to perform simple analyses from any Web browser — without the need for any GIS software.

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