Intermap Technologies Reports Expanded U.S. Government Task Order, NGA contract selection, and Thailand Soccer Team Rescue Support

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Jul 12, 2018 8:26:15 AM

DENVER – July 12, 2018 (TSX: IMP) (ITMSF:BB) – Intermap Technologies Corporation (“Intermap” or the “Company”) announced today that it has been awarded two additional task orders totaling $2.5 million as expansion to its previously announced U.S. Government task orders for the creation of digital elevation and bare earth terrain models. The original task order for $1.8 million was announced on February 6, 2018 and previously extended to $3.7 million on February 22, 2018. Today’s expansion brings the total 2018 contracted value to $6.2 million.

Separately, Intermap announced today that it was selected by National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s (NGA) as a member of the CACI International Inc team (Team CACI) to develop, validate and integrate geospatial intelligence data, under a $920 million ceiling, multi-award, Janus Geography contract. The prime contract was awarded to CACI International as one of 10 prime contractors for indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity through 2028. The 10-year program will support the creation, validation, enrichment and integration of foundation geospatial intelligence data.

In addition, at the special request of the Thai government, Intermap provided our newest and highest quality global one meter digital elevation model, NEXTMap One, to the team leading the search effort for the thirteen members of the youth soccer team that went missing in a cave in Northern Thailand on June 23, 2018. The NEXTMap One DEM was used in connection with known cave patterns to assist in determining the best-available access points and drainage for drilling locations. A high-resolution terrain model was delivered for use in visualizing and navigating during rescue mission operations within hours of the government’s initial request on June 27, 2018. Three dimensional models based on NEXTMap One were prepared by Intermap, MappointAsia Thailand Public Co. Ltd. along with Chiang Mai University and disseminated to Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation officials, and used to help locate the missing children and plan for their eventual extraction from the cave.

“We’d like to congratulate the international rescue operation, the Thai Navy SEALs and the emergency responders in Thailand on their success in locating the boys and bringing them to safety.  We are saddened by the loss of former Thai Navy SEAL, Saman Kunont.  Intermap was pleased to assist Thai officials and searchers to gain a better understanding of where the missing boys might be and safely extract them from the cave.  It is a great example of how geospatial data and building awareness of its capabilities can bring about tremendous results.” commented Patrick Blott, Chairman & CEO of Intermap.

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Intermap Technologies Assists in Rescue of Thai Soccer Team, Congratulates Emergency Responders on recent progress

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Jul 8, 2018 9:00:56 PM

Recently-Released NEXTMap One™ Elevation Data Provided to Thai Officials in Support of Search and Rescue Efforts

DENVER, July 8, 2018 (TSX: IMP) (ITMSF:BB) - Intermap Technologies® (“Intermap” or the “Company”), a leading provider of geospatial intelligence solutions, congratulates first responders in their efforts to rescue the trapped Thai soccer team. The Company is saddened by the loss of retired Thai seal, Saman Gunan, during his mission to deliver oxygen to the boys. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families and loved ones involved during this critical time.

In partnership with our local partners, Mappoint Asia Thailand Public Company, and Chiang Rai University, Intermap supplied its newly-released NEXTMap One, a 1-meter resolution elevation dataset, to the Thai Department of National Parks on June 27th. This high resolution elevation data was supplied within three hours, and used in conjunction with other sensors to identify elevation coordinates, prioritize potential drilling points, identify drainage paths, provide a detailed and inter-active 3D model of the area, and determine alternate routes into the caves to help rescue the boys. NEXTMap One, which was provided for free, is substantially more detailed than the existing elevation data available from commercial and government sources.

NEXTMap One is available worldwide as either digital surface models (DSM) or bare earth digital terrain models (DTM). It combines the best features from multiple sensors into a seamless global dataset, Intermap’s fourth generation global dataset, that is both highly accurate and spatially rich. In addition to the DSMs and DTMs, a number of associated analytic products are also available.

Elaborating on these tools, Patrick Blott, Intermap’s Chairman and CEO, said “Intermap was pleased to assist Thai officials in their search for the missing teens. We’d like to congratulate the international rescue operation, the Thai Navy SEALs and the emergency responders in Thailand on their success in locating the boys. We hope that our data and modeling efforts will help bring a fast resolution to this crisis without further loss of life. We are happy to be playing a role and using our analytics to help local University staff craft useful solutions in supporting the rescue efforts and wish for a speedy rescue and the group to return to friends and family as soon as possible.”

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