Patrick A. Blott, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman                                                                                                                    Mr. Patrick Blott creates a clear vision and makes it reality through strategic direction and strong execution. Mr. Blott’s leadership focuses on establishing growth by identifying, creating, and exploiting business advantages in key markets. He is an expert on strategic partnerships, business strategy, and financial investments, and has worked with government and business leaders around the world to achieve success.As CEO and Chairman of the board at Intermap Technologies, Mr. Blott leverages his 28 years of experience into the geospatial market to grow the core business in four key areas: Collection, Processing, Products, and Answers. Mr. Blott has held numerous key positions including co-founder of Blott Asset Management, L.L.C (2005), Founding member of Borealis Capital Corporation (2002), JP Morgan & Co, BMO and Banc of America Securities.  In that time, Mr. Blott led transaction teams and assisted in underwriting $1.01 billion of private equity investments, a private buyout of $700 million company (2004), a $565 million acquisition and development of William Osler Health Center (2003) and led a subsidiary carve out of Express Pipelines Corp for $2.1 billion. Prior to 1993, he was a Special Assistant and Policy Advisor in the government of the Rt. Hon. Brian Mulroney.Mr. Blott is an experienced public company director in geospace, having served as Chairman of the Special Committee for OSI Geospatial, supplier of command and control systems for the U.S. Navy since October 2011. Patrick holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, a BA in Political Economy from the University of Western Ontario and completed post-graduate work in Political Economy at the University of Toronto. Additionally, Mr. Blott is an Elder of Brick Church, one of New York's oldest institutions, where he leads the Stewardship Committee.

Andrew P. Hines, Independent Director                                                                                                                                                    Mr. Andrew Hines is the principal partner of Hines & Associates, L.L.C., a financial consulting firm specializing in working with under performing companies. Over the last several decades, the firm has been engaged by a number of premier investment firms. As a turnaround and restructuring specialist, engagements have included consumer products, retail, printing, entertainment, sports and technology. On a number of assignments, Mr. Hines and his associates have taken management roles as Executive Operating, Financial and Restructuring Officers.Before forming his firm, he held EVP, CFO positions at Outboard Marine Corporation, (Chris Craft, Evinrude, Johnson motors), F.W. Woolworth (Foot Locker) and Adidas USA. Each of these companies were special investment concerns of activist investors that required exceptional corporate finance management experience. Mr. Hines became a part owner in each company.Prior to this, in his more than fifteen years with RJR Nabisco and its predecessors, he held a number of senior positions at the operating and corporate level, both domestically and internationally. He was the senior finance officer at the time of the largest LBO, the acquisition lead by Kolberg, Kravis and Roberts. He is referenced in the book "Barbarians At The Gate" that chronicles this major corporate event.Mr. Hines is a Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, N.Y. Society of C.P.A. and the Turnaround Management Association. He received his BBA from St. Johns University and attended Harvard University Management Corporate Control courses.He is a member of the Intermap Board and Chair of the Company’s Audit Committee. He is also a member of the Board of Tronox Inc., and Chair of the Company's Audit Committee. Mr. Hines has, in the past, been recruited to numerous public and private corporate Boards, due to his restructuring and financial qualifications.               

Michael R. Zapata, Independent Director                                                                                                                                                    Mr. Mike Zapata contributes extensive leadership, command, control and resource allocation expertise. His experience and expertise in intelligence fusion and interagency operations brings valuable insight and perspective to the table. Mike has the unique and creative ability to ‘stack the odds in our favor’ as we strive to leverage our capital and maximize shareholder value.Mr. Zapata is the Founder and Portfolio Manager at Sententia Capital Management, LLC., a value-based capital management fund that focuses on applying analytical focus, discipline and patience to grow long-term investments for his partners. He is a strong believer in the better we do, the more we can give back. A percentage of his gains are donated to support family members of fallen SEALs. Mr. Zapata currently serves in the capacity of Lead Director, Intermap Federal Services since his Intermap board appointment in September 2016. He also serves as the Chairman of the Nominating Committee of the board. Mr. Zapata is a Texas A&M University graduate where he was a Dougherty Award recipient, recognized for high moral character, patriotism for both country and state, and earning trust and admiration of the Corps of Cadets and student body at large.Upon graduation, Mr. Zapata commissioned in the US Navy to pursue the goal of joining a great team and becoming a Navy SEAL. Starting and graduating with Class 237, his desire to serve would crystalize when 9-11 occurred in the middle of basic underwater demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training. In the proceeding Global War on Terrorism, Mr. Zapata’s deployments included multiple trips to Afghanistan, Iraq, the Horn of Africa, and various other locations in the Middle East and West Africa. His commands included SEAL Team TWO, Special Activities and Support Activities TWO, SEAL Team TEN, and served as a member of the nation’s Tier-one counter terrorism unit, Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DevGru).  Mike transitioned out of military service in 2010 to attend Columbia Business School in New York. There he was accepted into the Heilbrunn Center for Graham and Dodd Investing and earn a master’s degree with a focus on investment management. Upon completion of his MBA, Mike formed Sententia Capital Management.

Philippe Frappier, Independent Director                                                                                                                                                      Mr. Philippe Frappier is a performance oriented, entrepreneurial leader with high-energy, reliable temperament, and exceptional interpersonal skills, who passionately believes that connections between people are at the heart of all successes in life and in business.Mr. Frappier is currently the Vice-President, Client Services with IQ Partners. IQ Partners is a strategic human capital management firm specializing in executive search, change management and leadership transition for the technology, media, and communications industries. Mr. Frappier has expertise in the area of emerging digital technologies. He brings his extensive expertise in effective people strategies and organizational structure and culture to the Intermap board providing guidance and oversight to help maximize the investment and potential in human capital.  Prior to joining IQ Partners, Phil was a partner at Searchlight Recruitment Inc. Searchlight is a hands-on boutique executive search firm and, in his time, there worked with and advised companies such as: Microsoft, The Globe & Mail, Shaw Communications, Corus Entertainment, DHX Media, Bell Media, CBC/Radio-Canada, and Rogers Communications Inc.   With over 12 years of executive search and recruitment experience, he has successfully delivered on hundreds of senior level searches in these areas. Prior to his career in executive search, Mr. Frappier worked in Film, Television and Commercial Production in both Canada and the US, having developed an expertise in digital technology and multi-platform content delivery.Mr. Frappier joined the Intermap Board of Directors in January 2017 and serves as Chairman of the Compensation and Benefits Committee. Phil has been an integral architect of Intermap’s restructuring, including the executive team selection, incentive benchmarking, and human capital development. Mr. Frappier holds a BA from Bishop’s University of Lennoxville, Quebec.

The quality systems of each Intermap facility have been certified by UL DQS Inc. to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard.

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