Top 5 Articles from The Risks of Hazard in 2015

Posted by Ivan Maddox on Jan 28, 2016 6:30:00 AM

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With 2015 now firmly in the past, I am seeing a lot of blogs with 2015 Top 5 lists. As with all good ideas, it needs to be copied assimilated. Today, I am counting down the Top 5 articles from last year based on viewership.

Without any ado at all, here are the Top 5 Risks of Hazard episodes from 2015:

  1. Is Disruption Really Coming to Insurance? In October I attended a conference in San Francisco exploring how insurance was about to be disrupted. I wrote this post afterwards, being unconvinced. Meanwhile, a nice debate about it has popped up at ITL, here and here.
  1. Claims Leakage vs. Underwriting Leakage: Similarities and Differences. This blog post boasts probably the worst title ever, but the message has resonated because it addresses core business problems that need to be understood better than they are.Flickr_-_David_Hilowitz.jpg
  1. What could be the costliest natural catastrophe event in history? You may be surprised. Unlike #4, this title drove a lot of eyeballs. But it’s the message that made it #3 – earthquakes in Missouri is definitely a surprising answer to that question.
  1. P & C Needs Innovation to Remain Relevant. The impending irrelevance of P & C insurance without innovation is a strong meme, as this blog post proved. The readership has come via copious sharing on large LinkedIn networks – it was an article that readers felt compelled to pass along.
  1. Google Earth Pro is now free. What does that mean for you?. This was the runaway #1 for 2015, guest written by Susan Parks. A lot of underwriters clearly depend (or depended) upon Google Earth for their day-to-day analysis of property, and Google’s decision to stop developing it has been a concern throughout the industry (and beyond). Location is critical for underwriting, and underwriters continue to be concerned about access to solutions with robust geospatial components.

There were other posts that could have made this list – you can check out the archive here. I can’t wait to see what’s most popular in 2016! Next week will be the Top 5 accomplishments of InsitePro, the risk assessment software I manage when I'm not writing blog posts.


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