By the Numbers: A Closer Look at Risk Scoring

Plug The Leak: Reduce Underwriting Leakage With Better Data

Is too big not enough?

Flood Insurance Models Around the World

Why We Like The Flood Conference

How do you determine risk for a location that has no address?

If everyone uses the same risk model, is it still useful?

Private Flood continues to grow despite HIM

Feds Underestimating Flood Risk and ‘The Strangeness Index’  

The Ingredients of a Good Flood Model

Wintertime Floods

The Importance of Good Underwriting

The Protection Gap Quantified

The Thomas Fire

Insurance Disruption? Only if… Part 2

Insurance Disruption? Only if… Part 1

Top 10 Blogs of 2017

Top 3 Blogs of Q4 2017

Harvey - A Look at Depth and BFE

“Flooding was not even a possibility,” Said the Builder in Houston

Hard or Soft? What’s in Store for Cat Rates?

NFIP Reform Passes the House: What Insurers Need to Know

A New Way to Look at Canada Flood

In Singapore at the SIRC

Wildfires Surprise

A Real World View of Floods

Who Wants to Keep Building In Floodplains? Builders!

Top Risks of Hazard Blogs from Q3

Insurance Solutions for Emerging Markets…and Maybe Texas

At the WSIA (née NAPSLO) in San Diego

A Flood Program That Doesn’t Cover Houston? Really?

Building for Flood Resiliency, Or Not

Geocoding – Because You Have To

What would an Underwriter Say If…?

Top 3 Risks of Hazard Posts – Dog Days Edition

Bias in Underwriting

Wildfire Season Is Here, Again, As Always

An Underwriter’s U.S. Summer Weather Report

The Canada Flood Risk Summit – In Review

Private Flood at the Crossroads – Sink (pun intended) or Swim?

The Multi-media Flood Edition

The Global Flood Map from FM Global has Arrived

Data and Models… or Success and Ruin Await

The CFIP? California Ponders a Flood Program Clone all its Own

More Support for Private Flood – The GAO and the Senate

The Actuaries Speak: Flood and the Protection Gap

The NAIC Does Flood in Denver

2017 Top 3 Blogs (First Quarter)

Oh no! FIRM Updates Getting Cut

Wildfire Season Starts Always

Proper Flood Insurance is Coming

The Private Flood Bill is Back

Cat Models are not for Underwriting

Innovation and Talent, or “Our Crappy Technology”

Underwriting Automation – Inevitable, and a Path to Success

Flood Risk and the New Whitney

Last Year’s Guide to This Year

The Risks of Hazard: Best of 2016

Flood Insurers 2017:   Glass half empty or half full?

Keep Calm and Write On: The 2017 Fitch P&C Report

We Want To Hear from You

Flood Insurance News: Welcome Neptune!

Innovation: Dangerous or Essential?

Another Lloyd’s Underwriter Works with InsitePro

Wildfires at Thanksgiving

An Underwriting View of Cat Bonds

The Butterfly Has Landed – Rating all the Risks

South Carolina Floods – Looking Back A Year Later

“Best of Q3” Blogs

New Orleans Gets New FIRMs, or… “Careful What You Wish For”

“An Ode to NAPSLO, or What’s a Surplus Line?”

Broken Records and Better Underwriting

Not Just Private Flood – Universal Flood

Flooding in Houston - Where, not When

The New Flood Risk – Where! not When.

A Homeowner’s View of the Protection Gap

The Risk-Price Paradox

How to Overcome Cat and Investment Losses - Good Underwriting

Houston Flooding, Again.

Swiss Re and A.M. Best on the Protection Gap

Good Underwriting is Good for Insurance

Our 5 most popular posts of 2016 thus far

Lloyd's Underwriter Subscribes to InsitePro

What Cat Underwriters Need to Know from 2015, for 2016.

Are Coastal FIRMs Useless for Underwriting?

The Golden Roadmap to Private Flood (Part II)

The Golden Roadmap to Private Flood (Part I)

Disruption within Property Insurance & the Nat Cat Way of Things

Oklahoma Earthquake – A New Peril With An Old Problem

How to Escape the Gray Zone

The Flood Conference 2016

On Elephants and Blind Underwriting

This is Why Insurers Overlook Wildfire, but Shouldn't

Hail Revisited – Navigating Grapefruits and Wall Street

Who Said Analytics Are So Smart?

How to Handle Hail: Analytics at Last

A Call to Action from Leaders in the Insurance Industry

Why are Carriers Still Ignoring Wildfire?

Is crucial underwriting profit going down the drain?

News Flash: Flood Losses Occur Beyond Flood Zones

Are you a goldfish underwriter?

How to Quantify the Value of Innovation

Profitable Underwriting Depends on Modernization

How to Underwrite “Challenging” Flood

Lloyd's Beyond London

The Butterfly Effect and the Opportunities of Insuring Flood Risk

Can there be growth in the protection gap?

A Cat Modeler's Guide to the Protection Gap

An Entrepreneur's View of Underwriting Software

Glancing at Best's Glance

Problem: Underwriting with Accumulation Software

Top 5 Accomplishments of InsitePro

Top 5 Articles from The Risks of Hazard in 2015

“Where” and the Internet of Things

Private Flood Goes to Washington

Is this El Nino really a Godzilla?

What is Insurance's Biggest Problem in 2016?

The Crystal Ball - Looking Ahead to 2016

What's a BFE?

Earthquake - The (Un)Expected

Why Doesn't Innovation Happen?

Risk Models Have Risks that Need Modeling

Happy Thanksgiving

Flood Insurance is Coming to Canada!

Do you know the truth about the cloud?

Innovation Towards a Common Risk Language

What's "Loss of Use"? Good Question.

If Not Disruption, What Else?

Why do Carriers Still Ignore Wildfire?

Is Disruption Really Coming to Insurance?

Pardon the Interruption of the Disruption

A New Peril: Mars Flood

Making Sense of the South Carolina Floods

P & C Needs Innovation to Remain Relevant.

What's Better than Big Data? The Right Data.

Seeking Underwriting Perfection (Part II)

Seeking Underwriting Perfection (Part I)

NAPSLO and Profitable Underwriting

Underwriting with a Pen vs. a Paint Roller

Nepal or California: Who Has More Earthquake Coverage?

How Did Those Hurricanes Work Out?

Flood Models are Biased, Because They are Models. But that's OK!

Memory vs. History: Underwriting Hurricane Needs the Long View

Are Insurers Ready for a Visit from the 'King of Monsters'?

New Madrid vs. Cascadia: Is There a Lesser of Two Evils?

How Can Underwriters Improve at Marketing? With Underwriting Tools.

What could be the costliest natural catastrophe event in history? You may be surprised.

The Future of Insurance Underwriting Software is NOW

One Insurer's Plan to Reduce Wildfire Risk by Planting Trees

ZIP codes in property insurance: Does it make sense?

California dreamin'... or a natural catastrophe nightmare?

Innovation in the P & C Insurance Industry: What’s Moving Us Forward?

Innovation in the P & C Insurance Industry: What's holding us back?

NRC Report Suggests Elevation Data is Important for Flood Risk (Go figure!)

APIs: The LEGO Blocks of Modern Business Software Solutions

Do property insurers have wildfire covered?

It's Not Every Day the USA Gets a New Flood Model

SLOSH, MEOW, & MOM: Understanding Coastal Storm Surge

An Architectural Tour of London's Leading Insurers

About That Houston Flood Analytic I Recommended...

The Curious Case of Hail Analytics

The Future of the Nat Cat Market, as Told By the Events of 2014

What the Houston Floods Can Teach Us About Managing Flood Risk

Investigating Tsunami Risk

How vulnerable is your building to earthquake risk?

Is it possible to predict an earthquake? Here are 2 metrics that try.

A Brief History of Assessing Earthquake Risk

When It Comes to Wind, Location-Based Risk Info Is Not Important

RIMS 2015 Highlights Reveal Insights on Natural Catastrophe Risk

Is trying to predicting mega-disasters a waste of time?

3 Ways to Gain a Competitive Edge in a Flat Rate Property Insurance Market

Spicy Crab and Nat Cat Risk: What I Learned on My Asia Risk Tour

What's up with vertical datums?

Cloud-Based Solutions Solve a Major Problem for Property Insurers

The Role of Cloud Computing in Risk Analytics

Adventures in Risk Assessment: Exploring the Asian Market

For Wildfire Risk, Publicly Available Models Aren't Enough

How can static risk models predict dynamic weather events?

Does your wildfire model include ember zones? It should.

Case Study: The Real Impact of Better Data on Flood Insurance

Claims Leakage vs. Underwriting Leakage: Similarities and Differences

The Challenges of Risk Modeling for Severe Convective Storm

Private Flood Insurance Needs More than RiskMeter

How to Choose Optimal Elevation Data for National Flood Models

Risk Scoring in Action

Google Earth Pro is now free. What does that mean for you?

Better Data Leads to Better Flood Risk Analysis

Underwriting Natural Catastrophe Coverage: Analytics vs. Wishful Thinking

Is your risk software trapping you behind borders?

Terrain Measuring Reveals Insight That Flood Maps Can't

How Risk Scoring Can Improve Underwriting: 4 Major Benefits

Ditch the Standard Reports for an Interactive Approach to Risk Analysis

The Caveat to Historical Claims Data

Burning Issues in Wildfire Management

The Problem With Geocoding (and Why It Matters)

Mind the Gap: Reduce Underwriting Leakage With Better Data

Terrain Data and Pipelines: Thoughts From a Bike

Peril, risk, and hazard: What’s the difference?

What is a cat model?

Flood Insurance Models Around the World

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