How to Quantify the Value of Innovation

Posted by Ivan Maddox on Mar 17, 2016 12:23:19 PM

One of the best talks I’ve heard on insurance innovation is The Changing Landscape of Risk presented by Robert Schimek of AIG (SVP and CEO of Americas Region). He was speaking at MarketScout’s Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium in Dallas in December.

The fact that only the people in the room, plus 63 people on YouTube, have heard it is a shame. It is super informative, very entertaining (on the Insurance Technology Lecture scale), and (for me) it accomplished the elusive goals of a good talk: it asked questions that changed the way the audience thought of problems, and provided answers to questions the audience didn’t know they had. As a bonus for blog writers, it is a gold mine of material – I will be visiting Mr. Schimek’s material over and over.

The overall subject of the presentation was the importance of entrepreneurial innovation in insurance. He had to lay a little groundwork, because AIG’s view of innovation is likely to be different from pretty much the rest of the industry’s; i.e. 63,000 employees and they pay ~ $110M in claims every day…not quite your typical insurance company. Because of this, he is also able to bring some interesting holistic macro viewpoints to the conversation.

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Profitable Underwriting Depends on Modernization

Posted by Ivan Maddox on Mar 15, 2016 8:21:39 AM

Last week, Property and Casualty 360 published a post by Sean Allen entitled 4 areas for the Insurance Industry to Modernize. The article is based on the consensus after the Xchanging London Market Conference last November, and it starts with:

Fair or not, many look at insurance as an outdated industry, lagging behind others of similar stature and scale when it comes to innovation.

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The Butterfly Effect and the Opportunities of Insuring Flood Risk

Posted by Ivan Maddox on Mar 3, 2016 11:09:27 AM

Last September I wrote about the difference between underwriting with a pen vs. a paint-roller, exploring the problem with using analytics and data that are not able to accurately depict flood risk at a specific location. The post took a critical look at using FIRMs for underwriting flood insurance because they are not intended to depict location-specific flood risk (they’re pricing tools for the NFIP). That blog was very well received, so I thought I would follow it up with a graphical look at the same topic. The notion was reinforced by the news from Washington on the Flood Bill.

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Can there be growth in the protection gap?

Posted by Ivan Maddox on Feb 23, 2016 11:52:41 AM

Last week I wrote about the Protection Gap and how insurers should be serving it. The post has been a huge success, mostly because it features Hemant Shah, CEO of RMS (thank you Mr. Shah!). The article pivoted on the question “What risk is the insurance industry not ready to handle?” and Mr. Shah’s response:

“I worry more about the risks the insurance industry is not covering right now.”

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An Entrepreneur's View of Underwriting Software

Posted by Ivan Maddox on Feb 11, 2016 6:30:00 AM

One of the things venture capitalists are good at — when they are not funding and driving innovation — is blogging. Those VC guys really like a good blog, and VC blogs are a good place to read about insurance, as the combination of fresh thinking on stale technology is hard to resist.

Hacker Daily is one such blog worth checking out. It talks about any and all industries from an innovative and entrepreneurial perspective, including (from time to time) insurance. Last month, Josh Nussbaum wrote a post about the art of predicting how successful a successful investment might be. One of the industries he used for his study was insurance (along with healthcare, and a bunch of other stuff), and it’s worth a look at what he had to say about it.

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